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Bits-n-Bites - Newsletter for People Who Chew

Bits-n-Bites: Weight Loss Newsletter for People Who Chew
Archive: One More Bite's Weight Loss Newsletter

Every month, fresh in your e-mail box, another issue of OneMoreBite's wise and witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe.

Issue 49 - Sept 2009

+ Cake for Breakfast: EFT to End Cravings
+ Sugar Stacks: How Much Sugar in ...
+ Body Fat Calculators: Can We Trust Them?
+ Still Fresh?
+ Tappy Bear (EFT Bear for Kids)
+ Lindsay Wagner on EFT
+ More on EFT for Cravings
+ Zombie Runner
+ Can Salad Oil Make You Thin?
+ Fun Food: Scanwiches

Issue 48 - Mar/April 2009

+ Green Polkadot Box: Get Automatic 5% Discount During Pre-Registration Period
+ The Scale is Not Your Pal
+ Funnies: Just When You Thought it was Safe in the Stores
+ Twitter for We.ight Loss
+ Farm Fish vs. Wild
+ Food Finds: Lean on Me Naturally get D'Oni-fied!
+ Pills & Potions: Think Zinc
+ Tips & Tricks: EFT Morning Routine
+ EFT for Overwhelm
+ Exercise Equipment for Dogs!

Issue 47 - Jan 2009

+ Diabetes Drug Price Rise (Combat with healthier eating)
+ Green Polka Dot Box: Reduce Food Expense & Eat Better
+ ADD: Heart Problems in Young Patients
+ Room for Indulgence: Salted Caramels at The Meadow
+ Lose Weight at the Office
+ Chocolate as Food
+ It's True: People in Paris are Thin
+ Kitchen Math
+ Games Can Reduce Stress and Reduce Weight
+ Hypertension Tamers

Issue 46 - July 2008

+ Microwave Popcorn: Should you or Shouldn't You?
+ Reduce Cancer Risk: Broccoli Cauliflower & Cabbage, Oh My!
+ Elite Fitness Equipment: Gyrokinesis
+ Obesity a Disease? Yes, Says Big Pharmacy
+ Supplement News: Bios Life Slim, Product Launched
+ Stress Leads to Weight Gain
+ Losing At the Office
+ Snooze to Lose: Sleep and Weight
+ Play With Your Food: Chocolate Calculator
+ Book Review: Idiot Proof Diet

Issue 45 - March 2008

+ Spring Into Weight Loss: EFT 2-Day In-person Retreat
+ Are You an Emotional Eater?
+ Egg Whites Good for Dieters
+ Food Facts: New Snackables Pickle Pops
+ Get Up and Move to Dance the Weight Away
+ Cooking Encyclopedia
+ Jamie Lee Curtis Shows it All
+ Home Exercises: More Kettlebells
+ Just for Laughs: What to Eat

Issue 44 - February 2008

+ Accelerated EFT Weight Loss in a Weekend: Mar 29-30, 2008
+ Nuts to You: Good Snack Choice or High Calorie Disaster?
+ Omega 3: Get More
+ Cookbooks We Might Not Need: Chiquita Bananas & Cheerios
+ Help with High Cost Prescriptions
+ Where to Find Baking Ingredients in Paris
+ Packaging Shrinking Not Pricing
+ Home Exercise: Kettlebells, calories and muscle
+ How to Ruin Weight Loss Progress in One Month
+ New Products: Invisibelt (stretch clothes budget while losing)
+ Stretch Clothing Budget While Losing the Pounds
+ Almost Forget: Valentines! The Meadow in Portland, Oregon
+ OMB Article: End Cravings

Issue 43 - January 2008

+ Snack Foods for Toddlers: Never too Early to Fatten Em Up
+ Q & A for One More Bite
+ Old & New Exercise Gadgets
+ Food Facts
+ How Milk Can be a Diet Killer
+ Sugar Blues
+ Homemade Chocolates: They Said It Couldn't Be Done
+ Home Exercises: Got Stairs?
+ More Kitchen Disasters (some folks should stay out of there)
+ 2-Day Ending Emotional Eating Workshop: Mar 29-30, 2008
+ It's That Time Again: Tracking Your Habits

Issue 42 - November 2007

+ Edit Photos to Lose Pounds
+ Old & New Exercise Gadgets
+ Playing With Food: Peeps All Year Long
+ Ultimate Grocery List
+ Homemade Vanilla Extract
+ Dangerous Toys, Dangerous Chocolate
+ Sound Pod at Hidden Lake Retreat
+ Read Shape Magazine Back Issues Online
+ OMB WL Article: How to Lose That Last 5 Pounds
+ Kitchen Disasters
+ Way Cool Kitchen Stuff
+ Stress Leads to Wei.ght Gain
+ Books Review: Extreme Fat Smash Diet (Didn't Like)

Issue 41 - September 2007

+ Announcing: Accelerated Weight Loss Retreat Oct 12-14, 2007
+ Wheat Allergies & Losing Weight
+ New Exercise Gadgets: Lose Weight in 4-Mins Per Day
+ Latest Bogus News About Obesity & Weight Loss
+ Breaking Up, With Your Scale
+ New Toys
+ Diet Soft Drinks: Do They Cause Weight Gain?
+ Article: Taming the Runaway Appetite
+ Fun Food Facts: Ice Cream

Issue 40 - June/July 2007

+ The Truth About Ali (new diet drug)
+ Will it Blend?
+ Women in Art: Video
+ Chocolate for the Bath
+ Quality Nutrition: Getting Yours?
+ Choosing Goals for Weight Loss Journey
+ Article: Diet Drugs, Boon or Boondoggle?
+ Choosing a Goal
+ Bean Eaters Lose More Weight
+ Book Review: I Feel Bad About My Neck
+ Supplement News: Appetite Tip
+ Old Time TV Ads: Pie with Your Cool Whip?

Issue 39 - April/May 2007

+ Too Much TV Causes Weight Gain
+ Ask the Cake for Breakfast Queen
+ Quality Nutrition: Get Yours with Daily Produce 24
+ Article: Lose 5 Pounds The Easy Way
+ Tips for Snack Cravings
+ Think Local: Support Your Local Farmer
+ Book Review: The Incredible Shrinking Critic
+ Website Finds: Out of Print Cookbooks, Penzys, Kaiser Bakeware
+ Women's Body Building & Online Fitness Classes

Issue 38 - March 2007

+ Thyroid and Losing The Pounds
+ Bios Life Complete Helps With Loss
+ Easter in February: Candy on Shelves too Soon
+ Recipe Files: Perfect Oven-baked Fries
+ Exercise: Small Bits Far Better than None
+ Whole Grain Lies: How to Tell if it's Whole Grain
+ Muscle Weighs More Than Fat, The Debate Continues
+ Banana Bunker, Is That a Banana Bunker in Your Pocket?
+ Pole Dancing, Oh, Yes, I Did!
+ Supplement News: Acomplia Causes Depression
+ Learn to Spot a Scam: Red Flag Diet Scams
+ Really Dumb Diet Products

Issue 37 - January 2007

+ Chocolate: CocoaVia oh my!
+ Sugar Free: Better for You?
+ Case of the Missing Toobee
+ Kitchen Gadget or Food Porn?
+ Tracking Your Progress
+ About Food : Do Certain Foods Burn More Calories?
+ Supplement News: New Diet Drug Combos, Contrave & Orexigen
+ What I'm Reading: Food & Diet Book Addict
+ Second First Anniversary
+ The Two-Day Diet

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