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Bits-n-Bites: EFT Weight Loss Newsletter for People Who Chew

Another issue of One More Bite's wise, witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe

Issue 40 - June/July 2007

+ The Truth About Ali (new diet drug)
+ Will it Blend?
+ Women in Art: Video
+ Chocolate for the Bath
+ Quality Nutrition: Getting Yours?
+ Choosing a Goal for Your Wei.ght Loss Journey
+ Article: Diet Drugs, Boon or Boondoggle?
+ Tips: Chocolate & Pets Don't Mix
+ Choosing a Goal
+ Bean Eaters Lose More Weight
+ Book Review: I Feel Bad About My Neck
+ Supplement News: Appetite Tip
+ Old Time TV Ads: Want Pie with Your Dessert Topping?
+ Lose the Weight by Teeth Whitening
EFT & NLP weight loss newsletter features:
•EFT Weight Loss
•Fun Food Finds
•Tips & Tricks
•Extras for Bits-n-Bites Readers


ISSN No. 1545-1860


The Truth About Ali: FDA Allows Diet Drug OTC (Over The Counter)

Ali won't work unless you also use a low fat diet and exercise. That's pretty much the bottom line. If you can easily stay on a low fat diet and exercise, you'll lose the weight anyway and don't need to take Ali. If you take Ali and don't eat a low fat plan, you're going to be sorry fast. The side effects are not pleasant. Just say no to Ali.

Will it Blend?

YouTube has forever changed the world. Now we can see our kitchen equipment in full glory such as the Will It Blend series. These are serious blenders for serious cooks and kitchen scientists alike.

The power will pretty much chew up and spit out anything you feed it, so those pranksters at Blendtek cooked up the Will it Blend series of videos. My favorite, The Workout in a Blender

Take one Pilates DVD, a quality food bar, high protein tofu, yoga, Slim Fast to wash it all down.

Turn Granulated sugar into powdered sugar

Who knew? If you run out of powdered sugar, grab the blender and make it yourself (without the added cornstarch).

Substitute for Pricey Mascarpone Cheese

I discovered making a berry trifle that you can make an excellent substitute mascarpone cheese. My recipe called for 2 1/4 cups and I couldn't find it anywhere. If you've never had mascarpone it's called an Italian cream cheese. Apparently there was a worldwide shortage because I couldn't find it in any of the places I've found it before.

Luckily I found a recipe to make it myself. Split the recipe down if you don't need as much:

Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

  • 24 ounces cream cheese (3 - 8 ounce pkgs)
  • 2 Tablespoon butter (real butter, no substitution)
  • 1/2 C heavy cream

Blend all together with a spoon (or lightly mix but do not beat) and use it or freeze the extra. It will stay fresh for a few days in the fridge.

That little trick saves about $20 from the recipe as Italian Mascarpone Cheese is pricey stuff but oh so delicious.

Whoops, turns out this is the highest calorie dessert of all Time! I checked it's nutritional breakdown at

I knew it would be high but this was ridiculous: Over 8,771 calories per serving! Are you laughing yet? How could that be? For starters they said it serves eight, not 24 like most recipes, but ah the pleasure. Sometimes it's just worth it, but don't go all crazy thinking you can eat like that every day and you'll be just fine. I made a label, so if I manage to find it, I'll post it here.

Women in Art

Video Very well done video using morphing images to show the changing faces of beauty.

Chocolate for the Bath

Candy-Licious Bath Products

Bella Lucce - Chocolate Spa Products


+++ Advanced EFT +++

Choosing a Goal to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Choosing goals based on what you want is best. If you want to lose weight, you obviously want to weigh less, so the scale comes into play but it's just a mechanical box so shouldn't be worshiped like a God. I like working toward small achievable goals, meaning five pounds at a time (or less), even if you have much more to lose.

Once you've lost five pounds start thinking about the next five. That way you can avoid the tendency to feel overwhelmed. Other worthwhile goals are noticing your clothes get looser until they are baggy. Being able to see your toes, being able to bend over and touch the floor, being able to jog around the block, all good goals.

Fitness goals are great too

I ride a stationary bike so I work on adding more miles each week. I once rode over 100 miles a week; now I'm riding about 45, so I'll slowly work back up. I may never get back to 100 miles but it gives me something to strive for. My goals are things I like to work toward.

Some people prefer to choose goals that are "away" oriented, meaning they keep something else from happening. Those are people who are motivated by goals like not having a heart attack at 40. You can also work on your eating habits with mini-goals.

For instance I may decide to cut back on pizza by switching to once a week instead of twice. No one said you can't eat pizza but how often is the question. Sometimes it could be quantity, three pieces instead of four, other times it's frequency. You decide.

Sound Like You?

It's dark. An alarm is ringing, must be morning. I arise, thinking. What did I eat yesterday, last night? Soup, chicken, wine. The usual. I'll be heavier. Stepping on scale, bad habit. Sweet surprise! Down a pound. I step off, suddenly lighter. Now what's for breakfast?

Quality Nutrition -- Are You Getting Yours?

Do you get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day? If not, try these two supplements, created to provide those needed nutrients in an easy way.

Get Your Colored Foods >> Go to LifeHealth Category and Find Daily Produce: Order No. 17754: Daily Produce 24(tm) With extracts from 24 varieties of fruits and vegetables, Daily Produce 24(tm) provides nutrients missing in many people's daily diets.

By supplying micronutrients and na.tural enzymes, this supplement protects the body from free-radical damage Unicity Products.

Remember to get the Preferred Pricing, then order product no. 17754: Daily Produce 24

Article: Lose the Weight by Whitening Your Teeth

"You can't eat while your whitening your teeth, right? If you've thought about trying a tooth whitening process, now's the time. Together with a program to stop night time eating, solve two problems in one." If you don't know how to do basic EFT, got the free materials here (downloads are on the third page of that article) and get The Daily Bites (more on that below).

Read Lose Weight by Whitening Your Teeth

Bean Eaters Lose More Weight

Studies show adults who regularly eat beans (legumes) weigh 6.6 pounds less than adults who don't eat beans. So there you go. Beans are cheap costing just pennies a pound for dried -- chock full of fiber, (19 grams per cup for navy beans) and are high in protein. Try adding a bean dish to your weekly menu for a start. See Beans the Wonderful Fruit at The New Homemaker for tips on cooking, gassiness (uh oh) and all things musical fruit


+++ Get The Daily Bites: Jump Start To Lose More Weight +++ The Daily Bites are mini-lessons in how I use EFT to maintain my 80 pound w.eight loss. Twice weekly and fre.e

Seasonal News

In the Pacific Northwest is local produce time. My own garden is sprouting tons of vegetables -- so many we can't eat them all! I can hardly wait for the tomatoes and this heat wave isn't hurting them. Now's the time to stock up on the berries that are such a great source of bioflavonoids and antioxidants (plain good-for-you stuff). Find farmer's markets: - for UK Listings. [link not working as of May 2014]

Old Time TV Ads: Like Some Pie with Your dessert topping?

Catch the look on the lady's face; it's a classic, then catch the Las Vegas Bellagio vs. Coke & Mentos Who knew you'd get an explosion by mixing Coca-cola soft drinks with Mentos candy? Apparently these guys figured it out, then got the idea: What if we created a water show like you'd see at the Bellagio in Las Vegas? Hilarious

Book Review: I Feel Bad About My Neck

This book, I Feel Bad About My Neck, by Nora Ephron Ephron describes what you go through when a favorite food purveyor suddenly disappears saying, "It's sad. Not as sad as things that are truly sad, I'll grant you that, but sad nonetheless. On the other hand, the full blow is mitigated somewhat by the possibility that somewhere, somehow, you'll find the lost strudel, or be able to replicate it. And so, at first, you hope. And then, you hope against hope. And then finally, you lose hope. And there you have it: the three stages of grief when it comes to lost food." Classic foodie sentiment. I loved this funny, honest book. If you're nearing 50, you may enjoy it too. I Feel Bad About My Neck at Amazon or your local library.

Supplement News: Appetite Tip

Try Glucomannan capsules (two or three with full glass water) 20 minutes before eating for an appetite reducing effect.

+++ ---------- Ending Emotional Eating ---------------- +++

You've gone to seminars, read books, bought gadgets, and tried everything to lose the weight, but still nothing works. Could it be you're an emotional eater? If now is the right time to end your struggle losing all the weight you want, get started today. More Info To Register

+++ --------------------------------------------------- +++

What's To Eat? Try The Healthy Dining Finder

Healthy Dining Finder partially funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lists nutrition information to help you make better choices. Sounds boring but I'd be willing to bet you'll find great info there, so check it out

Yours in good eating,
Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

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