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How One More Bite's Weight Loss Program is Different

You Cannot Simply Stay Away from Food

Overcoming overeating isn't the same as overcoming other bad habits or even addictions such as alcohol or smoking. You cannot simply stay away from the troubling substance since you have to eat. Instead by practicing the One More Bite program for weight loss you will learn:

  • How to change your food preferences so more of your favorites also healthy choices
  • How to feel more satisfied every time you eat
  • Details: One More Bite's End Emotional Eating Workshop
  • How to make painless lifestyle changes
  • How to identify and then use your motivation strategy to change your eating habits
  • What emotional eating means and how to eliminate its effects
  • Ways to improve your body-image and self-image
  • How to remove the trauma from food shopping

Problem with Weight Loss Diets: Results Don't Last

What's the main problem with every weight loss diet? They are a temporary fix at best; results never seem to last. And why don't the results last? Simply put it's because your body is a product of your lifestyle.

Temporarily changing your behavior (dieting) and then returning to your usual habits will obviously put you right back where you started (or worse). Only by changing your daily habits will you permanently change, and if that isn't what you want to hear, then you're not ready for permanent weight loss.

Why torture yourself time and again by severely cutting back or eliminating entire food groups, or worse suffering through semi-starvation diets (less than 1000 calories), refusing to eat foods you love (I'll never eat cake again), or experiencing intense hunger pains (a completely natural bodily response to starvation)?

Emotional Reasons for Overeating

    Do you overeat because of your emotions?

  • You were never accepted for who you are?
  • You can't eat like other people?
  • You mother criticized you for being overweight?
  • You feel more comfortable staying overweight?
  • You feel deprived if you don't overeat?
  • You just can't get full?

These are all emotional reasons to eat based on feelings or beliefs, rather than hunger. Real hunger is a biological need for nourishment. Without this built-in need, many would die from malnutrition or starvation simply because they wouldn't eat enough nourishing foods, but, here's the rub: With our over-abundant food supply, many of us have learned to eat for reasons other than hunger consequently we're overfed, over fat and yet dangerously under nourished.

No. 1 Why OMB Program is Different No. 2: Why We Eat When Not Hungry >>

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