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April 7th: "Caramel Popcorn Day"

Bits-n-Bites: EFT Weight Loss Newsletter for People Who Chew

Another issue of One More Bite's wise, witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe

Issue 49 - The Long awaited September 2009 Issue

+ Cake for Breakfast: EFT to End Cravings
+ Sugar Stacks: How Much Sugar in ...
+ Body Fat Calculators: Can We Trust Them?
+ Still Fresh?
+ Tappy Bear (EFT Bear for Kids)
+ Lindsay Wagner on EFT
+ More on EFT for Cravings
+ Zombie Runner
+ Can Salad Oil Make You Thin?
+ Fun Food: Scanwiches

OMB weight loss newsletter features:
•EFT Weight Loss
•Fun Food Finds
•Tips & Tricks
•Extras for Bits-n-Bites Readers


ISSN No. 1545-1860

BITS-O-WISDOM: "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny'" -- Isaac Asimov

Fall has landed, best time of year to get that plan started and unveil next Summer!

Cake for Breakfast: EFT to Kill Cravings

If you are sitting in the evening thinking about cake in the kitchen, you can decide to wait and have it for breakfast. Yes you can wait. That's how you get through the evening, one moment at a time, and there it is waiting for you in the morning, if you still want it.

Use EFT for the "in-the-moment" cravings, "Even though I want that cake, I can't wait to have it, it's going to be delicious…"

You aren't trying to eliminate the foods you love; rather you are gaining the ability to say no to yourself, just now and then, or even wait until later. No big deal.

Yes, think about how much you want it, while you are tapping. That's how EFT works. Focus on the "issue" in this case, the cake and how much you want it. No, it will not somehow make things worse.

After you do a round of tapping, think about how much you want to eat that cake to check whether your "wanting" has lessened.

What You're Trying to Achieve When You Tap Through Cravings

Use EFT for "in-the-moment" cravings to see if anything changes in how you "feel" about the situation, Cake for Breakfastor how you represent it to yourself meaning your self talk.

What do you say to yourself about the situation? If you say it's impossible, that you'll never make it, or that trying to avoid the craving is a waste of time, then predictable where that thinking will take you. Why not try something different? Why not try EFT? You aren't trying to eliminate the foods you love. You are working to gain the ability to say no to yourself, now and then, or wait until later.

We all seem to indulge ourselves a wee bit too much. EFT is a good practice to stop the over indulgence and gain what you say you want for yourself; such as, better health, a few less pounds to carry around, your knees to stop hurting. Today ask what do you want? You can get it, start with deciding.

Sugar Stacks: How Much Sugar is in That?

Would you eat 16 sugar cubes? If you drink a can of Coca-Cola, you just ate 10 sugar cubes (4gm sugar each) since that one soft drink has 39g of sugar. No wonder we're getting a little wide around the middle.

Imagine taking a glass of water and a bowl of sugar then carefully spooning in 10 teaspoons of sugar. It's gross to think about but we are drinking that much in every single regular can of your favorite soft drink (assuming you don't drink the sugar-free one).

Visit SugarStacks to see how your drinks and foods stack up.

Local Culture: Treasures in Your Home Town

A pal sent this link to a wonderful site with the History of Portland and it is so fun to see some sites I recognize and some I don't, wishing I could have seen the city when it was so glorious. Where are those buildings now? The only one I recognize is our train station, Union Station, which still looks exactly the same.

Get out and see your city. Portland is known as the Walking City so here you can do it on foot and by taking the Max Train, still free within the confines of the downtown area (but maybe not for long).

Body Fat Calculators: Can We Trust Them?

Some body fat measurement devices don't seem quite right. I've found some will say I have as much a 15% higher body fat level when I change my age. What's up with that? I'm fit, so if I give the device my real age suddenly I'm obese, yet if I lie and say I'm 20-years-old, suddenly I'm fit? That makes no sense.

If you want to get your body fat tested, go to a local gym or find someone with the ELG Body Composition Analyzer (the one I use) or even the submersion method. No matter what you use, even if it's ridiculously inaccurate it's still better than nothing No Magic Pills and should be consistent so long as you don't monkey with the settings and change your age constantly :-)

Why test body fat at all? Because your weight on the scale is meaningless. You need to know you are losing fat, not valuable muscle, or even try to gain some muscle (which burns more calories at rest). Scales are the worst possible way to measure what's really happening, and that's why when you reach a plateau, you should rejoice! You're not gaining fat, you are settling in.

Learn Advanced EFT: EFT Foundational Library

As Grandma would say, "Oh my Stars and Garters!" You want more advanced EFT? Look at what you'll find on the EFT Foundational Library:

  1. EFT Course DVD set: 14 hrs on video, 3 hrs on audio and The EFT Manual on CD
  2. EFT – Beyond the Basics DVD set: 13 hours on video - includes several "tap along" sessions that you can use for your issues
  3. From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities DVD set: 13 hours on video

Tappy Bear: EFT Tool for Kids and You

I first saw Tappy Bear at the 2008 Denver EFT Conference. There was EFT tappy bearno explanation, though none was needed. Obviously this was a fun way to demonstrate EFT to children and let them "help" their new buddy, Tappy Bear, get results for "his" issues. Is Tappy afraid of bullies at school? Let's tap on that, then while you tap together on the bear your child is learning to tap for themselves.

Sooner or later your child will ask for you to help them tap too, and you can wipe out that fear of spiders, going to school, test anxiety, and all the assorted things kids worry over. Kids get teasted a lot, why not use Tappy Bear to help? "Even though the kids won't stop teasing me, I know I'm a good kid, and I'm okay."

With kids use their language, so you'd say "I'm okay" or "I'm an awesome kid" not "I deeply and completely …" because no kid would say that.

Green PolkaDot Box Launch Postponed

Get those extra rewards! Last word was a delay in opening, which is good news for you and me! More time to get pre-registered. Costs zero to pre-register (yes there is an annual fee when the club starts--that's how they make their $ but you save $ because the natural foods you buy now are up to 50% off!) The same foods you buy now at Whole Foods or your local health food store but at huge savings.

If you don't want to earn referral points you don't have to but at least get on board.

If you use Affiliate sales or Google or Amazon ads then you are aware of the lousy payoff. You push thousands of prospects and customers their way and if you're lucky you get back a few hundred dollars for your trouble. Green Polkadot Box gives you back 10% of the purchases of every single shopper you refer, each and every time they shop! Rewards are even better if you're referred by a Founding Member such as myself (Kathryn at One More Bite).

Green Polkadot is hands-down the single best paying affiliate program around. They don't call it an affiliate program, but it is; if you refer others, you'll earn reward points (good toward products or cash). This program skyrockets past anything else on the web, so take a look now.

What's That in the Fridge? Is it Still Tasty?

Who doesn't say that every few days? Ever wonder if you should eat those leftovers (I do this all the time as I forget they are there until I have a week's worth. How about what "sell by" and "use by" really mean? How long can food keep?

My sis Linda sent me this link: Still Tasty said to be your ultimate shelf life guide giving you the scoop on how long it's safe to keep (and eat) those leftovers.

More on Sugar Free Oreos

Here's an odd development. A formerly high sugar product, now with no sugar, but still the same amount of calories so what's the point? You'll also pay twice as much; here's an idea, eat half as many and you cut your intake in half

The Bionic Woman Loves EFT

Yes, Lindsay Wagner played the Bionic Woman on TV but don't hold that against her. Today Wagner works as an advocate of holistic health. Speaking about EFT Wagner said, "It's an absolutely wonderful technique which works with the acupuncture system. Basically it's all about recognising that our energy field is out of balance when we have an emotional or physical problem or a sense of not being connected." Okay, I'm not sure exactly if there is a "acupuncture system" but I know what she means and she's correct. The meridian system might be what she meant to say.

Wagner went on to say, "What I often say to people is we brush our teeth and wash our skin before we go to bed at night but why don't we think our energy field needs attention?"

"Many people are shocked by how fast these techniques work. When you use the techniques, your perspective on your situation changes and the negative charge is cleared."

EFT is becoming more and more mainstream. It should be taught to children everywhere so the cycle of stress can stop.

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Mottos to Live By

I carried this around for ages so thougt I best share: "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, margarita in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "whoo hoo" what a ride!

— Gotta smile at that sentiment

Website Spotter:

Everything Zombie? No, just a cute name, and all about running. Grab your running shoes and check out

Rock climbers will like Vibram Five Fingers, shoes that protect those tootsies whether clambering up rocks or terrane. "Enhance your sense of touch and feel, improve foot strength, balance, agility, range-of- motion. Wearing Vibram FiveFingers is so close to going barefoot, so enjoy performance benefits of barefooting without some of the risks


Can Salad Oil Make You Thin?

Article by Aaron W. Jensen, Ph.D. at Life Enhancement that explains the results of studies using MCT (medium chain triglycerides) and LCT (low chain trigl's) showing people eating MCT salad oils saw less appetite and lost more weight.

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One More Bite's Weight Loss Articles: September is Cravings Month

Read the past articles that talk specifically about EFT for cravings.

Do You Play With Your Food?

This guy does. Someone with too much time on their hands. He/she/it eats a lot of sandwiches, then nicely scans a half-section just for your amusement. It's real and it's called

Until next time, yours in good eating,
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP

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