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April 7th: "Caramel Popcorn Day"

Bits-n-Bites: EFT Weight Loss Newsletter for People Who Chew

Another issue of One More Bite's wise, witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe

Issue 48 - Mar/Apr 2009

+ Green Polkadot Box: Pre-Register for Auto Extra 5% Off
+ Funnies: Just When You Thought it was Safe to Shop
+ Twitter for Weight Loss
+ Farm Fish vs. Wild
+ Food Finds: Lean on Me Naturally get D'Oni-fied!
+ Cricket Lee, Reshapes Fashion Industry with Fitlogic
+ Pills & Potions: Think Zinc
+ Tips & Tricks: EFT Morning Routine
+ EFT for Overwhelm
+ Exercise Equipment for Dogs!

OMB weight loss newsletter features:
•EFT Weight Loss
•Fun Food Finds
•Tips & Tricks
•Extras for Bits-n-Bites Readers


ISSN No. 1545-1860

BITS-O-WISDOM: "Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands, and then eat just one of the pieces." --Judith Viorst

Spring Has Sprung, Let's Plant Ideas for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Green PolkaDot Box Launch: Get Best Rewards Now

Action brings extra discounts. I know, sounds corny, but this is one of those "once in a lifetime opportunities" and I don't want anyone missing out because I underplayed the event.

What it is: The Green Polkadot Box is the only online organ.ic and natural foods buying club. Here's why this is a sweet deal and something you won't want to miss: If you eat organic and natural foods now, you can save thousands annually by buying through the club.

But wait, there's more ... to help launch the business, the first 2,500 members who pre-register receive an automatic 5% Personal Purchase Discount on all purchased goods for the lifetimes of their membership, PLUS a 10% Polkadot Reward on the purchases of anyone they've referred. After the pre-registration period ends, you can earn these rewards by referring others. They are offering this as a way to help spread the word about Green PolkaDot Box and also because they know there will be some issues, wrong descriptions, broken links, and whatnot.

"In exchange [for these rewards and discounts], we are asking our Pre-Registered Members to be patient with us for the first 90 days after launch as we perfect our business operations," said Rod Smith, Founder of The Green PolkaDot Box. That's a-okay by me.

I am co-hosting with Rod Smith two webinars the week of April 7th, so watch your email for an invite (if you receive this newsletter) or contact me to let me know you want the dates and times. I'll also be posting them here.

See an example of the pricing comparison from Green PolkaDot Box. You'll get an extra 5% savings by pre-registering before opening day in September 2009 so get it done!

You can look around and pre-register now. Why pre-register? Because you'll earn a guaranteed 5% personal rewards discount (that's off whatever you purchase from now on), and you'll also earn a 10% PolkaDot Reward which is points based on the purchases of anyone you've personally referred.

If you don't want to earn referral points you don't have to. After September 1st you can register as a "Club Member" with a smaller membership fee. The only difference is you won't receive referral rewards; otherwise the discounts you can earn are the same.

Only those who pre-register will be gifted these bonuses. After that, you can EARN the rewards by referring people to GPDB starting at 1% discount for 1 referral, etc.

The deadline to be referred as an Associate Member is July 15 with the potential to earn perpetual rewards.

Booby Scarf With our aging population, sooner or later the droopy booby look had to become popular.

Wow, the Booby Scarf

An idea whose time has come? LOL

The Scale Is Not Your Friend

I got a surprise when I stepped on my trusty scale and found I'd gained over five pounds in one week! How does that happen?

I don't know all the answers but I do know I haven't done anything unusual so there's no logical reason and since I didn't do anything crazy, I'm not going to make a big deal. Most likely it's water weight that'll come off all by itself when my body's ready to let it go.

This happens after you have a nice dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, or anything highly salted, so don't be dismayed if you suddenly jump up several pounds. Think back to what you ate yesterday and relax.

Why am I Gaining Weight? Find the Clues

Have you changed or started any new medications? Eaten any foods you don't usually eat? Water retention can be a side effect or reaction to other things you've ingested so be a detective.

Notify your doctor if rapid weight gain continues as it can be a sign of illness or drug reaction. Generally it's nothing to get worked up about and if you're eating a reasonable amount of healthy foods it'll fall back off all by itself. Don't go all crazy and jump on the latest fad diet bandwagon. Just Relax. Have a cup of tea. You will be fine.

If you know EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) use it on your anxiety: "Even though I'm huge, I deeply and completely accept myself." If you don't know EFT, it costs nothing to learn and you have everything to gain in learning how to lose the weight for good. Get The Daily Bites, Little Lessons in Losing Weight the Easy Way.

~~ Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to Lose Weight
Emotional eating is often called the "problem," yet few diet programs address the emotional aspects of overeating (or under eating). EFT handles emotional eating & so much more

Twitter for Weight Loss

Do you Twitter? It's fun, 140 character word blasts, and I'm starting the EFT for Weight Loss Twitter Blast. Quick, fun, come check it out. If you "join" my Twitter feed you'll get to send me private messages too. I'm @onemorebite

Just When You Thought it Was Safe in the Stores

Yup, next up! Easter. Here's how that Easter candy can do you in:

  • 4 Lindt Chocolate Carrots will cost you 210 calories (luckily they come in small packages)
  • My favorite candy coated malted milk balls, sometimes called Robins Eggs at 170 calories for eight of the little goodies.

It's pretty easy to just keep popping these treats in your mouth, so next time do the "is it worth it" test. Think it through, "I'm going to eat about 20 of these, is it worth it? Is there something else I'd rather have later? Cheese cake perhaps?"

If yes, then wait until later. Make a treat worth the calorie indulgence.

A fun look at Easter Treats

+++ ---------- Ending Emotional Eating ---------------- +++

You've gone to seminars, read books, bought gadgets, and tried everything to lose the weight, but still nothing works. Could it be you're an emotional eater?

More details about the One More Bite 8-Week Workshop.
If now is the right time to end your struggle losing all the weight you want, get started on this self-paced, home study program today. (Includes follow-up, so you still get personal attention).
I'm Ready! How do I register?
   +++ --------------------------------------------------- +++

Farmed Fish vs Wild

I try to avoid farmed fish and because that industry isn't as powerful as the beef and dairy industries, the news media hasn't been afraid to attack the practice of raising fish in crowded pens, feeding them food they would never eat in the wild and basically doing to them what they've long done to chickens and cows.

Interestingly the media appears to be discouraging us from eating fish; begs the question, is it really the beef industry? Most fish you'll find in your local grocery is farm raised. Ask them to also offer wild fish or shop somewhere else.

Food Finds: Get D'Oni's Lean on Me Naturally

  • D'oni's "Bold As Love," a Honey-Habanero-Mustard that's a deli-style mustard with perfect blend of habanero. Perfectly spicy and perfectly sweet, the perfect enhancement to chicken, pork, egg-rolls, dressings, salads and of course, sandwiches. Did I mention that it's perfect?
  • Try Moondance Marinade an exquisite enhancement to all foods grilled, sauteed, broiled or dipped
  • Not to be missed is What's Goin' On, an exquisite Korean Teriyaki / Kalbi Sauce for grilling, barbecuing, marinating, saute' and stir-fry and on EVERYTHING. Sweetened with Pear and Spiced with Ginger.

    Visit D'Oni to check out Lean on Me Naturally and tell them One More Bite sent you!

Update, D'Oni is having to sell her beloved business. I don't know details but she seems upset and saddened so I send her my love and prayers.

Pills & Potions Think Zinc for Fat Loss says Muscle & Fitness

Studies show if an athlete is training intensely and also cutting calories they may become deficient in Zinc leading to a lower resting metabolic rate (yikes, just what they do not want). Also heavy drinkers may need extra zinc. As a health professional trained in nutrition (usually not your doctor, sorry).

Remember to always check drug interactions for anything you take, including over-the-counter supplements. Just because they sell it doesn't mean it's good for you: On go to "check interactions" at the top of the page.

Zinc Fact Sheet

Cricket Lee, Reshapes Fashion Industry with Fitlogic

Fitlogic an idea whose time has come. Ms. Lee wants to change the way clothes are sized, so instead of size 12, 14, etc., you'd see 12-1, 12-2 and 12-3. The sizes are based on body shape and would be standardized so you don't have to try on five different sizes everywhere you go.

Other brands are trying similar ideas, so if you see a tag that says 1 or 2, don't be alarmed, just read the label, learn which size you are and be happy! This is progress. FitLogic has a link to find your size but it's not working, :-( hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Stores complain it is confusing but really are we all a bunch of dummies running around that can't understand 1, 2, 3? I doubt it. What I don't understand is being a size 12 in one store, an 8 in another and a 10 somewhere else, and none of the clothes fit that well! We just want pants that fit!

Way to go Cricket Lee and FitLogic. I applaud you and wish you every success.

EFT Weight Loss Tips & Tricks: Morning Routine

The tone of the day is set when you first get up. If you drag yourself out of bed and start an inner dialogue about how awful you feel or what a rotten day it's going to be, guess what? That's what you'll get.

Try instead to first "catch" what you say, then use EFT to dissolve that negative emotion before it has a chance to catch you.

Example: Waking up thinking, "Oh my back, I didn't finish that report, I didn't sleep a wink! Then, the EFT:

"Even though my back is killing me, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Do one round of EFT, just one, it only takes about 20 to 30 seconds, then go on with your day. You'll find tomorrow morning as soon as you utter, "My back" you'll think of doing EFT on it, and suddenly the whole day brightens.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Overwhelm

Another way to set yourself up for eating to quell the emotion is with overwhelm. Who doesn't have too much to do? EFT to the rescue. "I have so much to do today, I'll never get through it all, this is hopeless!" Rate that problem (issue) on a scale of 1 to 10, or find a way to measure, how bad is this? How big a problem is it? The number is simply so you can tell, at the end, if anything shifted or changed.

First, tap on your issue (the whole statement) such as; "Even though I have too much to do, I deeply and completely accept myself." Then for the face and body points, just say a reminder, "too much." Tap the inner eye, "too much," under the eye, "it's too much," under nose, "never finish," chin, "it's too much," collar bone, "I can't do all this," under arm, "too much to do."

Then, deep breath. Blow out all the air in your lungs, another deep breath. Shake your limbs, move a bit. Loosen your shoulders. Then, think again about your issue, "too much to do," and see if you still feel it's as big a problem as a moment ago. What is your number now? Still the same, go again, quick, same thing; rinse, repeat. It only takes a moment, then rate again. If you get no change, get more specific : find an example or use a very specific event, "the report I didn't finish."

Most likely you'll get some difference and that's when using EFT starts to make sense.

How does this help with eating or losing weight?

It helps because the less stress and emotional upset you are feeling, the less likely you'll feel the need to fill the emptiness with food, or chase away the bad feelings with food, or forget your troubles with food.

We're working on emotions with EFT, and emotions directly cross over to how you take care of yourself. No one says you won't still love to eat, but maybe you'll love to eat because the food is delicious, not simply because the stale chips are there. You'll get pickier about what you do eat, you'll not feel compelled to eat for so many reasons other than hunger.

New Exercise Gadgets

This site's got the market cornered for fun and unusual new exercise gadgets (some are too large for gadget status, but that's another post). Strangest of all is a water treadmill for dogs. Yup, dogs. Funny take on it at Gizmodo, Check out the dogs forced to walk on treadmills when they are obviously out in a large open area outdoors. LOL The second pic shows an obviously not thrilled dog.

Drug Adverts Gone Amuck

New drug ad for Alzheimer disease: "Does grandma tell the same story over and over? She might have alzheimers." Message: There is a drug for that.

Give me a break. Everyone I know does this from time-to-time and some of us do it all the time and we are not in need of another drug, thank you very much.

It's time to "just say no to prescription drugs" as the answer for everything. Instead do something for yourself, try EFT.

Until next time, yours in good eating,
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP

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