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Bits-n-Bites: EFT Weight Loss Newsletter for People Who Chew

Another issue of One More Bite's wise, witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe

Issue 47 - January 2009

+ Diabetes Drug Price Rise (Combat with healthier eating)
+ Green Polka Dot Box: Reduce Food Expense & Eat Better
+ ADD: Heart Problems in Young Patients
+ Room for Indulgence: Salted Caramels at The Meadow
+ Lose We.ight at the Office
+ Chocolate as Health Food
+ It's True: People in Paris are Thin
+ Kitchen Math
+ Article:
+ Games Can Reduce Stress and Reduce Weight
+ Hypertension Tamers
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ISSN No. 1545-1860

BITS-O-WISDOM: "The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small" --Woody Allen

Drug Costs Soar: Diabetes Drug Price Rise

Associated Press--states that Americans with diabetes nearly doubled their spending on medications in just six years with total prescription costs climbing to 12.5 billion! That's ridiculous, especially when so much of diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise.

How to eat better? Learn to like real food. Things you can grow, fruits, vegetables, and try to eat more organic. One can't help but wonder why we are seeing so many people with diabetes, so many children with ADD, so many with depression. Seriously, we have a drug problem and it's not illegal drugs but prescriptions.

Save Money, Eat Better Web's First Natural Foods Club
The Green Polka Dot Box

Timing is everything. While it may take longer than they expected to launch, the GreenPolkaDotBox is set to change the way you think of grocery shopping.

Organic typically costs more because there is less volume sold; that happens with anything new: those who get it first seem to pay the highest entry fee. But what if organic food wasn't so expensive?

The Green Polka Dot Box wants to change all that and they're starting with an old idea with a new twist: the buying club comes to the Internet.

Vets Know Pets Need Good Food So Why Not Humans?

Why do "experts" continue to insist there is no connection between what we eat and our health, yet veterinarians have always known asked "what are you feeding him?" They know what goes into the animal will affect its health.

~~ Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to Lose Weight
Emotional eating is named most often as the "problem" people are
having yet hardly any diet programs address the emotional aspects
of overeating (even under eating). You can start learning EFT for
weight loss now.

Read through the three pages for free instructions and examples.

ADD: Heart Problems in Young Patients

The AHA (American Heart Association) recommends children diagnosed with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder have a complete heart work-up including an ECG (electrocardiogram) before taking commonly prescribed stimulants such as Ritalin.

Why? Because a rare chance of sudden cardiac arrest in children using Ritalin has been found. This is more than a little alarming. Sources say since 1999 fewer than 30 deaths among children have been linked to the drugs but wait a minute here! Thirty deaths is not insignificant.

Far fewer deaths caused our illustrious FDA to swiftly and harshly ban ephedra and L-tryptophan, yet interestingly Prozac introduced within four days of the L-tryptophan ban is prescribed for the same ailments such as, depression, anxiety, PMS and help with sleep. See FDA Ban of L-Tryptophan: Politics, Profits & Prozac

Since 1989, tryptophan has not been available as a dietary supplement in the United States, yet it is allowed via compound pharmacies as a prescription drug selling at five times the price as when it was sold as a supplement.

In the case of ephedra, there were 37 cases of reported sudden death in people using products containing ephedra in one form or another (it was never proved what caused the deaths but all had used ephedra). That was all it took for the FDA to act and in 1994 Ephedra was banned in the US. Ephedra is an herb, not a drug.

Ritalin kills 30 children and the FDA only suggests testing to monitor children for potentially life threatening side effects? Let's stop drugging our children. Big Pharm has gone terribly wrong and it's time to say no to new drugs.

Favorite Fake Motivation

If you've got a twisted sense of humor, check out I apologize in advance but I find this very funny and oddly motivating :-)

Fun Foodie Blog: The Happy Fork. Motto: I'm awake; of course I'm hungry.

Seriously, eat well (eat very well) and you'll be healthier and happier. Stop eating the junk that poses as food though. Anything artificially colored and flavored, well, what's that leave?

+++ Learn Advanced EFT: +++

Nutrition Data Blog

Weaning yourself from pre-made snacks will reduce your calories too!

Healthy Diets Have Room for Indulgence: Salted Caramels Class at The Meadow

Chocolatier David Briggs of Xocolatl de David, led the class with demonstration how to make salted caramels. I'm ready to go again. We each sampled about six different caramel/salt blends plus, wine. Good times.

There's room for indulgence in a healthy lifestyle.

Think "the best." If you want something sweet, don't settle for those stale cookies, get ride of the mundane that tastes like cardboard with sprinkles. One of Briggs' caramels will leave you happy. The Meadow is teensy shop with fresh flowers, select wines, gourmet and finishing salts located in the Belmont District, in Portland, Oregon. I found The Meadow when visiting 90 Percent, a forum for serious chocophiles.

The Meadow: Tell em One More Bite sent you.

Gourmet Hot Sauce & Garden Spray

Here's a dual-action product: Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauce and Garden Spray. Obviously bugs are not going to like ultra-spicy hot sauce, but ... you will! That's what Dave's hoping anyway.

Lose Weight While You Work

Fidgety people tend to be slim, burning more calories because of constant motion. You can easily increase your activity with exercise at your desk. Wouldn't it be great to get paid while you exercise?

An under-the-desk stepping device keeps you moving while you work. Pure genius. Here's the trick; how do you keep your knees from crashing into the desk?

If you're serious, outfit your office with a desk treadmill. Pure genius! Imagine walking while working? Talk about multi-tasking! You walk at a very slow pace so it doesn't disturb your ability to type or read while burning an extra 200 or 300 calories a day.

That may not sound like much but it adds up, burn 300 extra calories, eat 200 calories less (this is easy, skip one pat of butter, there's 100 calories, and eat a few less bites at lunch and dinner). The more active your body the more calories you burn, so any moving even fidgeting, causes calorie burn--ever see an overweight fidgeter? They may annoy with all that movement but they are calorie burning machines. Find your happy medium and add gentle, non-annoying movement to your day.

Now if someone will just invent a way to workout while driving, I'd be in heaven.

+++ ---------- Ending Emotional Eating ---------------- +++

You've gone to seminars, read books, bought gadgets, and tried everything to lose the weight, but still nothing works. Could it be you're an emotional eater?

If now is the right time to end your struggle losing all the weight you want, get started on this self-paced, home study program today. (Includes follow-up, so you still get personal attention).

Details about the One More Bite 8-Week Workshop. I'm Ready! How do I register?
   +++ --------------------------------------------------- +++

You Buying the Hype of Chocolate as Health Food?

There are many thousands of beneficial foods including dark chocolate, but that does not mean eating candy bars; rather an ounce or two of quality chocolate with a low butter fat. The whole idea behind eating something sweet at the end of the meal is to enhance the experience, not stuff yourself silly. You want a sweet to give you that flavor and experience of indulgence, not knock yourself over the head with it.

Remember, just because they say chocolate is good for you isn't licence to eat junk.

Don't be fooled by the hype. Candy bars and chocolate you ate as a kid is still not good food. They are way too high in fat and have far too many calories and simply are not a good idea, plus it's hard to stop eating them once you start. The chocolate in studies is bittersweet or non-sweet (sometimes called baking chocolate) and is meant to be eaten a nibble at a time. Frankly you'd never want to eat an entire 4-ounce 70% chocolate bar at one sitting. It's just too intense.

Consumer Reports Best Chocolates

  • Hershey's Extra Dark Cacao Reserve
  • Valrhona Le Noir Amer Dark Bittersweet
  • Scharffen Berger Semisweet Pure Dark
  • Green & Black's Organic Bittersweet Dark

It's True: Everyone in Paris is Thin (Except the Tourists)

Thin as string beans in fact. It could be all the walking. The city is full of stairs and hardly anyone drives. Visiting Paris I walked like crazy, and ate and ate. I also lost a couple pounds, so go figure.

Kitchen Math

Weights & Measures: Tools & Gadgets

Looking for an online calculator to convert inches to centimeters, I found This is a gem of a site. It's primarily for nursing students, but these tools for great us too. Who hasn't wondered how many teaspoons in a tablespoon (I do all the time)

Apothecary/Household/Metric Equivalents

Non-Standard to Metric Liquid Measurement Conversions:

Online Conversion: The site name says it all. I like the volume conversion the most because I can't seem to remember that one tablespoon equals three teaspoons and have to look it up every time

Convert Weight Measurements at

You can even do math calculations using Google (what can't Google do?). Try "2 X 2" or "how many quarts in a gallon" (leave off the quotes) and you get your answer! Google's got the nifty, More about Calculator page to explain it all.

+++ Get The Daily Bites: Your Jump Start To Lose More Weight +++
The Daily Bites are mini-lessons in how I use EFT to maintain
my 80 pound weight loss. Twice weekly and free

Wheat Allergy & Losing Weight

Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza now offers a Gluten Free Pizza Pie, and they deliver!

Picazzo's too.

How EFT Differs from Positive Affirmations

You Can't Reinforce Bad Behavior Using EFT. It may seem weird but it works, so I can't argue. Read how EFT Differs from Positive Affirmations

Games Can Reduce Stress & Reduce Weight

Most video and computer games cause one to become agitated striving to conquer beasts and burdens, but the Vyro Personal Input Pop (Pip) does just the opposite. You win the game by reducing yourself into a relaxed state of bliss. That's all well and good but I'm stressed when I hear of some new gadget that's not yet for sale! :-( Sadly, this gadget's production may have stalled as there's been no new news since Oct 2007.

Another interesting gadget, the Personal Efficiency Trainer, is also MIA (missing in action). This one is/was a wrist monitor you wear to send data to your computer showing when anxiety levels rise and giving you an opportunity to test it's stress reducing tips. Scary price and the "executivebrainresource" site no longer works.

Hypertension Tamer: Resperate, Help to Reduce Stress

A few gadgets claim to help with hypertension. One, Resperate, found in pharmacies helps you learn to pace your breathing, which calms your mind. Studies have proved stress causes weight gain, so lowering stress helps both with blood pressure and your waist measurement. Lowering your heart rate or breathing rate is the goal. Fewer than 10 breaths a minute is considered a therapeutic level.

HearthMath Stopping Emotional Eating

HeartMath's emWave is a portable solution to stress. This hand-held gadget reduces stress by helping you learn to slow your heartbeat. If you can become enraged in the blink of an eye, why not learn to become relaxed just as fast?

The Stopping Emotional Eating; emWave Stress and Weight Management Program is a hand-helf gadget to use when away from the computer; while, the emWave Desktop is a computer program which monitors you via USB and a finger monitor--both are effective and the combination is great if you have high blood pressure or any stress related ailments.

Fun Food Facts: Real or Rumor?

Canadians eat more Kraft macaroni and cheese packaged dinners than any nationality in the world.

Nothing happens until you decide it's going to happen.

Until next time, yours in good eating, Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP

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