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Stop Out of Control Eating and End the Pain of Being Overweight

There is a way to end this cycle of pain once and for all. You can stop eating like there's no tomorrow and stop acting like it's your last chance to have it, so you better eat it all. Stop trying to be perfect in your dieting efforts. Learn how to eat like a person without a weight problem.

Learn How to Eat Like a Person Without a Weight Problem

Learn from someone who's been there. Kathryn knows how to lose weight because she's done it.

"I know how to lose weight, I know how to gain weight. I'm a living example of someone who's done just that. My mindset is what determines my level of body weight and fitness and what works for me will work for you.

"For example, if I decide to start eating fast foods more often, snacking on empty or high fat calorie snacks and foods like chips by the bagful, and eating a lot of candy bars, it means I've decided it's okay to carry more weight. I know that is a consequence of eating in that manner, but I still might decide it is what I want for the time being. This is my right and is fine. It is my choice to make.

"After a month or so of this new style of eating, I'll have usually gained at least six or maybe even 10 pounds. After a few more months of this style of eating I'll probably have added a total of 15 to 20 pounds. If I continue on this path for a year or more, I'll gain up to 30 pounds in total."

What About Set Point Theory?

"Then I'd likely settle in with what appears to be my set point based on that amount of overeating. In actuality your set point is where your body ends up based on how much you eat on average. If you regularly overeat, your set point will raise to meet that level and then taper off. If I eat 5,000 calories a day, every day, after a year I'll have reached the maximum amount of weight I will carry based on that many daily calories.

"There are exceptions of course, and there are people who have slowed their base metabolism to such an extent that they hardly need any calories to maintain their weight. This is a consequence of yo-yo dieting, and is why I don't advocate most so called "diets." This explains how two people can eat exactly the same amount of food and one will be fatter than the other.

"Exercise or energy output is also a big part of the equation, and the part most people wish would just go away. If you find you can't eat much without putting on weight, the easiest thing to do is add more activity, and continue eating the same amount. That is the plan I put myself on, since I love to eat. "

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