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Emotions Have a Big Appetite

Our emotions have a big appetite. Here are some emotional reasons we eat that have nothing to do with hunger:

Crowd Pleasing (going along with others) Because it's There
(can't waste food)
Paired Event Eating:
Movies = Popcorn
Feeling ill, sick, tired (maybe eating will help?)
Eating by the Clock
(it's Time to Eat)
Chasing Away Bad Feelings
(Afraid to feel hungry, empty)
(You can't make me)
Eating as Entertainment
(something to do, "I'm bored, let's eat!")
(Food as best friend)
For Others
(I baked you a special treat)
Holidays: Special Occasions
(Let's party!)
Reward Eating
(I deserve a "special treat" for being so good)


I Forget What Hunger Feels Like

  • Have you forgotten what it feels like to be really hungry?
  • Do you think you're always hungry, even after you've just eaten?
  • Are you afraid to feel hungry?
  • Do you eat and eat but never feel full or satisfied?
  • Do you think about what you'll have for dinner, while you're eating lunch?

These are symptoms of having lost track of the basic nourishment principals: Eat when hungry, sleep when tired. You can relearn how to nourish (feed yourself) well, and it begins with learning about hunger.

First learn what hunger feels like to you. Where in your body you first notice it, and what happens if you ignore it. Learn to gauge where you are on the hunger scale from starving to over-full, and learn what it feels like to be satisfied with what you've just eaten.

Not sure what it means to be satisfied with what you've eaten? It means not over-full, not underful, just satisfied. You've eaten enough to be comfortable. There is a difference. How do you represent the word "full" to yourself? Does it mean comfortable or overstuffed?

It's totally okay to eat past full sometimes. I do it. You do it. We all do it, but what's important is that you learn to not need, or think you need, to eat past full every time you eat. You can learn this (taught in week five of the Ending Emotional Eating workshop).

Excuses Are Like Asses - Some Are Just Bigger Than Others

More reasons we eat that have nothing to do with hunger:

    • Member of the Clean Plate Club
    • In transition -- I'll lose weight when I ... (meet a man, go on a cruise, for my daughter's wedding)
    • Can't get to sleep -- maybe a nice snack will make me sleepy?
    • For energy
    • Pleasing others -- "I made it just for you."
    • It's time -- "Hey look, it's time for lunch!"
    • Eating in anticipation of future hunger; "I won't have time to eat later, so I better eat now."
    • Too good to pass up -- "I'm not hungry, but I can't pass this up."
    • Last chance; "I'll may never have another chance to eat this again."
    • To calm down, or feel better -- "I don't feel right. Maybe eating something will help?"
    • It smells or looks good -- "Wow, look at that cake!"

Any of this sound familiar? Wouldn't you like to learn how to end this vicious cycle? Read on to discover How to End the Cycle of Pain

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