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In just 8 short weeks, achieve what you've struggled your life to do!

Weight loss mastery
can and will be yours.



"I am so much in control I can hardly believe it. I feel like tomorrow will be a breeze ... this is the first time I have never had any cravings."

-- Linda, 8-Wk Workshop



"Last week went very well! I did 25 rounds of tapping most days on the food I am most addicted to (Reese's) and I didn't have any all week, and I released 5 pounds.

I felt surprisingly at peace with food and didn't feel any desire to overeat, even though I was just tapping about the Reese's.."

-- Sheila, 8-Wk Workshop




OneMoreBite Weight Loss Program
8-Week Weight Loss Workshop

The One More Bite Approach: 8 Week Online Weight Loss Workshop

Are you sick of endless dieting, restrictive food plans, and a rule based lifestyle? Are you ready to blast the obstacles and roadblocks standing in your way up until now?

The One More Bite Approach is right for you if:

  • You've said you want to but you can't seem to make lasting changes.
  • You've lost weight only to watch it come roaring right back, time and again.
  • You don't know why you can't stop eating, you just can't seem to help it.
  • You eat a healthy diet but still can't lose weight.
  • You've tried everything but nothing seems to work

Before After Weight Loss PicturesBefore 218 Pounds

Before After Weight Loss Pictures

After 140 Pounds

I'm Ready to Stop the Cycle & Achieve Permanent Weight Loss ... Pricing & Registration >> Register Now.

One More Bite's 8-Week Weight Loss Workshop:

The OneMoreBite Workshop is an online course covering eight sessions over eight weeks, using the methods and techniques I used to permanently lose 80 pounds over 18 years ago! You may be struggling with similar issues. Sessions include all materials, exercises, worksheets, and complete instruction for all of the following and more:

Session 1. Assessment and Self Discovery Process; Identifying Your Core Beliefs (why you do what you do)

Session 2. Patterns of Behaviors, including Triggers and Habits. If you think you don't have any patterns, follow yourself around for a couple of days.

Session 3. Conflicting Parts (when one part of you wants to lose weight but another part wants to eat another piece of cake); and Limiting Beliefs (what you believe you can or cannot achieve).

Session 4. Past Influences, Traumas/Phobias and Fears (entirely content free with absolutely no need to re-live or recall past traumatic events). You'll learn to use EFT to dissolve these past associations and be free to move forward.

Session 5. Learning How to Eat. We also cover Self Image, Shame, and Blame

Session 6. External Influences (real or perceived). Do you care what others think, perhaps care too much?

Session 7. Choices in Daily Living.

Session 8. Lingering Fears & Challenges

Each week's session includes a complete lesson plan (15 - 25 pages) plus all worksheets and exercises.

This is a self-paced program, with complete guidance from one step to the next. Spend as much or as little time on each lesson as you like. A date-free calendar is provided to chart your progress, so whether you proceed in a linear fashion following one lesson for an entire week, or you prefer to spend a few days on one thing and then another, eventually you'll have covered all the assignments, and you'll have discovered which issues are the most important for you.

Finally, you'll be given the materials to track your results so you'll have evidence of how much you've achieved. It's not just about pounds lost and how your clothes fit -- it's also about how you feel when you wake up every day. How you look at the world, and how long forgotten events that may be interfering with your daily happiness can be eliminated.

It is not uncommon for people to achieve success and later remark they never had any weight issues to begin with; that is how thoroughly you'll be freed from old emotional events and attachments when you learn to use EFT and the other techniques.

Freedom from the emotional issues means freedom to become the healthy person you want to be and lose the weight forever.

Everything you learn using the OneMoreBite Approach can be applied to all other aspects of your life from weight and body issues to relationships, from raising your kids to your career. As you can see, there is much more to be gained than simply achieving mastery over your weight.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get started today.

These Are Symptoms of Emotional Eating
Do you think like this? Do any of these sound like you?

I eat even when I'm not hungry
I sometimes feel out of control around food
I can't stop eating late at night
I binge or eat compulsively almost all the time
I constantly think about food
I use food to stuff down unwanted feelings
I don't think I'll ever be able to lose weight
Eating makes me feel better

You can end these emotional triggers and learn to lose all the weight you want without dieting.

Many clients found the One More Bite 8-week Weight Loss Workshop, Ending Emotional Eating, plus private sessions was what they needed to end their life-long struggle with weight. Maybe that would be the right path for you too? Ready to get on the path to permanent weight loss success.

I'm Ready to Stop the Cycle & Achieve Permanent Weight Loss... Register Now.

Haven't you wasted enough time and money on ridiculous diet sheets that tell you what and when you can eat? Adults don't need a sheet of paper with more rules; you already know why you're overweight, now you just need to learn how to eliminate the emotional issues that keep you stuck. You can find the answers right here, right now.

Hear what others who've taken the course and worked with Kathryn have to say, and then decide if this approach may be the answer you've been looking for.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
Registration & Pricing >>>

In Person Workshops:

OneMoreBite-Weightloss Seminars in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon

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