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Working with a Weight Loss Coach Step-by-Step

It starts with a decision. When the day comes that you decide (really decide) to make a change, we can get started.

Step 1 - What Do you Want

The first step is determining what you truly want. You may say you want to lose weight, but if your actions don't support that goal, then various issues may be holding you back or blocking your path. By the end of your first session, you can dissolve many of those issues in a trauma-free manner.

Step 2 - Changing Self Talk

Step two is ending the self-talk that tears you down. A lot of the chatter going on in our heads comes from our past experiences. That chatter can be quieted, and changed, easily, and effortlessly. Sometimes our chatter seems to talk us into doing what we say we do not want to do. Your chatter can instead support you and your goals. You'll learn how to make this happen.

Step 3 - The Principals of Eating for Nourishment

Step Three is learning basic eating principals. How to distinguish hunger from thirst, recognizing the feeling of satisfaction, learning to eat more often for nourishment, and less often for entertainment. Eating for reasons other than hunger are okay, but recognizing which type of eating you are doing (or thinking of doing) makes the difference, because now you are in charge of your own eating.

Step 4 - Your Eating Habits & Patterns

Step Four is discovering your own eating habits and patterns. Which habits are healthy, which patterns would benefit from modification. You are always free to eat what you prefer, and all eating decisions are yours alone. Much of our eating is done without much conscious attention. Habits can be changed, new habits can be formed - all without trauma or deprivation.

You'll track your food intake to establish your patterns of eating and triggers that cause you to overeat. You'll gain a more clear picture of what you are doing in the present, and how your nutritional profile stacks up. It can be shocking to realize how much you eat without getting enough nutrients. Keeping a diary is temporarily used to catch yourself being yourself.

You'll learn ways to change your eating triggers, and end eating as a coping mechanism. You'll find other ways to get your needs met, ways that make better sense, since eating is best suited for nutritional needs first, and recreational needs second.

Step 5 - Reevaluation

Step Five is a recheck to see whether what you are doing is working. Continually checking back to see that your actions support your values and goals is important. As you make small changes, you may change your goals. Learning to focus on what you want helps you achieve just that.

You will be building greater self esteem, and a sense of power and control in your own life throughout the entire process.

What do you do on a regular basis that you can change without experiencing too much trauma? What foods can you quit eating so frequently or what activities can you add (motion and movement) to create a greater energy need or build up your muscles to create a greater metabolic need?

You'll choose one or two things to start and just make those changes. Nothing else. One or two things at a time is best. You'll find what is best for you. I don't try to make radical changes as I know most will give up if they create a too restrictive environment for themselves.

Step 6 - Emotional Issues and Aspects

Next we'll take a look at the emotional aspects of where you are today and where you want to be. Using methods such as NLP and EFT we'll tackle any limiting beliefs you might have ("I can't"), or fears ("I'm afraid"), or anything else that we discover is an issue for you. We do this from the very start, so all the things that come up during our work together are dealt with as they arise.

Why You Might Want a Weight Loss Coach

  • You've tried and failed and you're sick of it
  • You know what to do but can't get yourself to do it
  • You don't believe you can succeed
  • You believe you are doomed to remain overweight and unhappy forever
  • You have pain or trauma that you just can't get over
  • You eat to end the pain

I use 8 weeks as the starting commitment. Why 8 weeks? Because it is short enough to be achievable and long enough to establish new habits that will be the foundation of a lifestyle that supports good health and fitness. If you were hoping for a list of foods to avoid, a magic pill, perhaps a "Lose Weight While You Sleep" approach, then you've come to the wrong place. If you are not willing to commit to 8 weeks then you aren't willing to do what is necessary to make a permanent change. That 8 weeks will pass whether you do anything differently or not, but if you do make a change, after 8 weeks you'll see a significant improvement, you'll feel wonderful, and you'll be well on your way to the permanent resolution of your weight problem forever.

This is where those that are serious about creating lifelong change get on the bus and those that won't put forth any effort get off. You choose to lose, it's that simple.

Face it, if you continue to do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. Small changes in your daily habits will result in the permanent changes you want for better health, weight loss and general well being.

Weight Loss with a Difference

It's not about your weight and it's not about the food. It's always been how we treat ourselves, pure and simple. Some people treat their cars and pets with greater care and compassion than they treat themselves. They lovingly buy only the best fuel, only the best pet food, but when it comes to their own bodies they'll shovel it in with no concern whatsoever for how it makes them feel -- let alone how it makes them look.

People come in all sizes and shapes. Tall, short, round, slender, husky, muscular, scrawny...

Consider people who've suffered great misfortune and lost their "looks." Accidents and disease can alter your looks substantially. Is that person no longer the same inside? Take the focus off how you look and put it on how you feel. If your healthy you'll feel a zest for life, an energy coursing through your veins.

The One More Bite approach is a set of tools to use while your making small changes that will impact your life and health forever. It's not about losing 10 lb. before a wedding or reunion, and it is not about crash diets, which produce temporary results. If you're ready for permanent results, then you're ready for One More Bite.

Get Started on Path to Permanent Weight Loss

You get started by taking the first step, call (the number is shown at the bottom of the page), e-mail, or submit the application to get started right now, when your motivation to change is in full gear. Register now for Weight Loss Classes or Private Weight Loss Coaching! What have you got to lose but the weight?

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