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Permanent Weight Loss - 8 of 9


Give it a Chance

You want it yesterday, don't you? I hear from people all the time who say, "I'm eating well, and exercising, but I haven't lost any weight! Help me," they cry. What they don't seem to get is that they are doing everything right, yet they are still allowing a piece of metal on their bathroom floor to dictate whether they feel good about themselves. Give yourself and your plan a chance to work for you.

Losing weight isn't going to happen instantly. Sorry, but there are no microwave ovens for weight loss. Step inside, turn it on, step out, and you're done, and a lovely brown gloss to boot! No. Our instant breakfast, I want it my way, drive-through world doesn't apply to everything, and weight loss, real, permanent weight loss, doesn't happen overnight. In fact, if it does, if you lose a lot of weight very quickly, you can be sure it will return. I know of people who have lost 25 lbs. in 15 days, only to gain back 27 in less than a week. What good is that?

Give yourself and your plan a chance. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you must give it a sufficient amount of time. Would you rather lose two pounds a week and keep it off forever, or lose 20 lbs in two weeks, but gain it right back? You choose. In the first case, after 10 weeks you'd be 20 pounds lighter, and in the second, you'd still be the same as when you started, or maybe heavier. Which do you prefer?

Change Takes Time

All change takes time. Learning any new skill takes time. You probably didn't learn to drive by taking the car out once or twice but actually it took a period of time, practicing, and eventually becoming comfortable enough that you were no longer learning, but now you knew how to drive.

Learning to change your eating habits will also take time. Some habits you'll keep, some you'll modify, and some you'll change outright. If you are eating well, getting some additional movement in your life and yet you don't think anything is happening, pay attention to how your clothes fit, and how you feel. Fat loss and muscle growth take time, and while they happen in tiny increments, it doesn't pay to get impatient. Keep doing what you are doing and you'll get your result. I promise.

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