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You must take Action

Well naturally, you must take action. What good is wanting to change, and knowing how, if you don't do anything about it? Taking action means making the choice every morning to follow-through for that day. One day at a time. It doesn't mean you are going to be perfect in your efforts, but just that you'll treat every day as separate from the day before. Every eating event is considered separately from the eating before. If you choose to eat outside your original plan, that is okay. The next time you get hungry you get right back on the plan, whatever the plan may be.

One lapse does not a failure make. Remember in the Know How section, where we talked about your strategy? This is where that strategy comes into play. If you know that your strategy is to avoid toxic people as the stress seems to cause you to overeat, then a good strategy for you would be to work on alternative results to those encounters. In other words, your current strategy is to overeat. That needs to be changed. You won't be changing your basic strategy, which is to avoid confrontation, you'll be designing new ways to deal with the stress, besides overeating.

Eliminate Emotional Issues

How? First you'll eliminate any emotional attachments you have to the original strategy. This is a daily practice which you'll do in the morning when you wake, during the day as needed, and in the evening before bed. It can be done at any time without anyone even knowing your doing it, or in privacy, it doesn't matter.

If you are working with me we'll use NLP techniques to design a new future, establish compelling outcomes, change personal history, and any other techniques that would be helpful in your situation.

Learn to EAT

These techniques, along with Learning to EAT Without Fear will allow you to become your own counselor. You won't become dependent on me or on anyone else. I'm here to assist and teach you how to help yourself. You may in the future call on me for work in other areas, to help stop smoking for instance, but once you've tackled your weight loss issues, you'll know how to stay at the weight level you've chosen from now on.

Triggers & Patterns

Keeping an eating diary helps track your triggers and patterns. You don't have to track what foods you eat, but rather track why you ate. Much of our overeating happens in a trance. We don't even realize until it's over that we just ate a whole batch of cookies. A lot of mindless eating takes place in front of the TV as well. Capturing these events and realizing your eating triggers gives you the ability to do something about them.

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