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Know Whether it is Working

How do you know if what you are doing is working? What is your evidence of success?

Evidence that what you are doing is working or not will change as time goes by. Initially, we use progress sheets and graphis. The visual results show up a little later, and as time goes by, they are still happening but sometimes it isn't so obvious to you. If someone you haven't seen for a long time stops by they'll always say how much your children have grown, while you may not have noticed much of a change. What happens around you in subtle, but much more noticeable to others that aren't there for the day-to-day experience.

You'll know whether your plan is working by the things you'll say to yourself (I feel great!), things other say to you (you look great!) and how you feel.

Visual Evidence, what you'll see in the mirror

Auditory Evidence, what you'll hear from others, and what you'll say to yourself (self talk).

Kinesthetic Evidence, what you'll feel. How your clothes will feel.

If what you are doing is not working, and you aren't getting any feedback as to its effectiveness, perhaps you need to make changes in your plan? Have you given it enough time, at least a month or more? Have you been taking action on your specific plan? If you are followinging through, but still are not seeing any results, if you don't feel better, don't hear compliments whether from yourself or others, and don't think you look any better, then you may need to reassess your plan.

Go back to the start, and take another look. Set new goals. You will be changing your plan continually through the process. It is not a step back but rather a step forward to find ways that don't work and continue on toward ways that will work for you. Every person is different and there is no single approach that will work for everyone.

That is why my work is very personalized with each individual person. What works for you may not work for someone else. Your issues are yours alone.

Get Started on Path to Permanent Weight Loss

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