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You must know How how to Change

You may have heard people say, "I know how to lose weight, I just don't know how to keep it off." I'm here to teach you how to keep it off.

Personal Motivation Strategy

We start with discovering your Personal Motivation Strategy which gives us key information in learning why you do what you do. Unless someone else has full control over you, you're responsible for the choices you make, and you use a specific strategy to make those decisions. Once we know the strategy you use, we can effectively use your own strategy to make new and better choices. Things you'll learn about yourself include:

  • How to gain results while avoiding problems.
  • Whether you prefer relying more on yourself or others
  • Your preference for procedures such as specific plans to follow, or variations which allow more variety and flexibility
  • Whether you want things to stay the same, want some things to change while some stay the same, or whether you prefer everything to be different every time
  • Whether you are firmly rooted in the present, remembering the past or looking forward to the future and which you prefer

While everyone would agree that it is good to gain results while avoiding problems, which is the more critical aspect for you? For some it would be gaining the result, keeping focused on the goal is what keeps them interested, such as the mountain climber who works so hard to reach the summit. Others are motivated by eliminating or avoiding problems. This type may build a bridge between two cities, to avoid having to drive all the way around the island. You'll notice both get things done, they just are motivated in a different manner. Neither is better than the other, they are just different ways to achieve a result.

Belief Systems

Changing limiting beliefs is an area that I devote a large part of my practice to, although it can sometimes be the easiest change people make. Once you realize your beliefs are of your own choosing, you can learn to change them. We do this with various EFT and NLP exercises, depending on how long standing your beliefs may be, and whether other people were involved in creating them.

It is absolutely not necessary to dig up your past, or discover where a misguided belief originated. People spend hundreds of hours in therapy getting stuck on the why, and I want to go on record as saying it is not necessary to know why. If you are intensely curious, that is fine, but to move forward, you need to realize you are now an adult (assuming you are), and your beliefs at this point are up to you. Your parents and caregivers heavily influenced you while you were growing up, but as soon as you become an adult, and started living your own life, you became in charge of your own destiny.

Old unhappy things, memories we're stuck on, movies that play over and over in our heads, can be removed until they're no longer a problem. Emotional issues that you rely on for staying stuck, can be changed. Then the most important issue becomes back to the W. You must want to change. That's a decision you make over and over, as change happens, you must reaffirm that is what you still want to be able to stay the path.

Letting Go

Being afraid to let go of who you used to be can be a huge obstacle. Just because you decide to get healthier doesn't change who you are. Consider if you woke up tomorrow and had already lost all the weight you wanted to, would people relate to you any differently? Nope, probably not. As soon as they got used to the "new you" everything would go right back to the same old routine. Your body may have changed but who you are inside is still the same.

Now that you've decided that you definitely want to change, next you must know how to change. You need a plan. This is where most people turn to diets since that provides an instant plan to follow. I can provide a diet, if that is what you want for starters. My plan allows 1200 - 1500 calories (depending on your starting weight, maybe even more). It is a sensible plan, with no restrictions on food groups, allowing generous amounts of healthful foods. It is easy to follow, doesn't require buying any special foods or powders. You don't even have to count calories, or fat grams, but some people like to do so.

You can also bring your own food plan, or follow any diet you choose. In the beginning, it is most important to work on the emotional aspects and your belief structures. As time goes by, you'll learn to adjust your food choices to support the size you've decided you want. Next, you must Take Action...

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