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Example of "The Daily Bites" which are specific ideas and suggestions for using EFT for weight loss, eating disorders, self-image or any other issues that are keeping you from reaching the weight you want. To learn EFT for weight loss, download the free materials and sign up to receive The Daily Bites.

If Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, What Do You See?

How you see yourself makes a difference in how easily you can make progress toward losing the weight or gaining health. Some lose a substantial amount of weight, yet still see themselves as heavy. Instead of focusing on what's better, they continue to put their attention on what they don't like, or find some new problem (loose skin anyone?) thereby never acknowledging how far they've already come. If you don't change your mindset along with your body, there's bound to be trouble ahead. Once you reach your goal, if you still see yourself as "overweight," despite evidence to the contrary, you'll likely sabotage yourself in an effort to get back into your comfort zone. How many times have you lost the weight only to gain it right back?

The way you describe yourself says everything about how you "see" yourself. I've known heavy people who described themselves as voluptuous, and I've known thin people who insisted they were fat.

Here are some examples of ways to describe yourself which I've heard recently:

  • I would describe myself as curvy and voluptouos, even though most other people would probably describe me as fat! I feel voluptouos, not fat, and I (and my man) think I'm sexy too.
  • Carbon life form, mixture of Nitrogen, O2 and lots of H2O in all the right places.
  • Curvy for sure.
  • Hourglass figure and I love it.
  • I love shaping my figure to make it MORE appealing.
  • I am athletic. I am strong. I am the best me I can be right now and will soon be even better. I am fab. I am a lean, mean Amazon. I like my body.
  • Thick. I love that word! I am, I'm thick. I have all the right things in all the right places. Sometimes a little more than I would like but I love me! THICK! I'm beautiful and honest and a wonderful person.
  • I have a fabulous shape! It just happens to be round.
  • I would describe myself as "athletic", my legs, arms and shoulders are very nicely defined from strength training and treadmill workouts.
  • I'd have to say that my body is beautiful. If I were to describe myself to someone I'd say I'm average size and curvy in the right areas.
  • A year ago round would have been a very accurate description, followed by squat. Now I'm going with Fabulous even if it's only Fabulous to me.

These are all examples of people who might not be perfect but they admire themselves anyway. We are all curvy, lumpy, bumpy, and if inching up into the second half of the first hundred years, wrinkled and spotty (or maybe that's just me). I'm growing older as I type this. There is simply no point in continually striving to find something wrong with myself. I'd much rather find something right, and I suggest you do the same.

If this idea seems too far fetched, it may be that you've just never tried it. First, tackle the resistance with EFT:

"Even though I could never see myself as attractive, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I can't say anything nice about myself because there's nothing nice to say, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I can't compliment myself. It wouldn't be proper, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I know I'm not attractive like everyone else, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I think everyone looks better than me, and I hate them, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Use EFT to get those thoughts out in the open. Think them, tap on them, and voila! They melt away like the first snowflakes of winter. Doubt stops more people from trying EFT than anything else, but why not try it just to see what might happen? Are you afraid to let go of your negative thoughts? Have you had them so long you couldn't imagine not having them? Try it for yourself. I've never known anyone who felt worse for letting go of a negative thought.

Find Something to Admire About Yourself

When I was a girl I decided to pick out my favorite freckle (I don't know why), so I chose one on my wrist, and to this day, whenever I glance down at that tiny spot a little smile comes to my face. It's just a small thing, but making it a point to find something on yourself to admire, whether a freckle, a bump, wrinkle, your eyes, or a dimple in your ear, it doesn't matter. Find something to admire about yourself, and then pour yourself into it.

If you're scanning yourself looking for something to admire and your saying, "Oh, my look at that, it's awful, horrifying, disgusting, I'll never find something to admire on this sack of old bones. Why do I even try?," then you have a bit of work ahead of you, but that's okay. EFT is easy, fast and painless.

Use EFT on the reluctance to find something good about yourself or to combat negative self-talk:

"Even though I'm horrible and there's nothing good about my body, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I can't find anything good about my body, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I totally don't want to do this and it's pointless, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Next time you walk down the street, pretend you are the single most attractive person on the planet and walk like you are, hold your head high, as you would, and project that confidence. You'll notice right away that you'll feel differently. Beauty comes from within and we're all beautiful inside.

The above is an example of what type of message I sent in the Daily Bites; where you can learn how to use EFT for these and other issues that may be hampering your weight loss efforts. Read my weight loss articles - you'll find lots of ideas and suggestions there too

Learn to use EFT.

You may not need to lose weight specifically, but if you have issues with food that you'd like to resolve, learn to use EFT and NLP methods. You can learn to remove your obstacles to feeling healthy and in charge of your own life. Look here to see if a Weight Loss Coach is right for you.

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