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EFT for Weight Loss: How to do EFT

How to Perform Basic EFT for Weight Loss

EFT is easy to learn. Once you learn the basics, you will develop skill and get results as you practice and use EFT daily. If you'd like more information specific to EFT, go to my Weight Loss Resources & Tools pages for several links.

Basic EFT Worksheet Packet

Free examples and blank forms for you to use while practicing to learn EFT for weight loss. Right-click and save or just click and open, then print or save. Download and print the free One More Bite's Issues Packet (Opens in New Window).

Hints for Downloading: Right click on the above link, and choose Save As to download the file to your computer. Make a note of which directory the Save As dialog opens to, so you'll know where the file is located, or navigate to your desktop to place it there.

Alternatively, just click the above Issue's Packet link, which should open the file in your browser. Then using the Save button in the Acrobat Reader toolbar, save a copy to your computer where ever you like. If you need help with this, first try reading the instructions for Adobe here (opens in new window).

This packet has worksheets, diagrams and reminders to assist in your learning, and to use for your practice. The worksheets are great for a reminder of the process, keeping track of your issues, and having a journal of how the process is working for you. It is not necessary to purchase more materials to learn EFT. Once you have learned the technique, whether through a class or on your own, you can use the technique from that point forward.

With EFT in your back pocket, you'll have the secret (only it's not a secret) weapon against your weight problems to use whenever you want.

Surprisingly many people, after using EFT, will claim they never had the problem they treated in the first place. The worksheets will show how something you once thought was important, is now eliminated as an issue, to the extent you don't recall it being an issue in the first place. That's a complicated way of saying this method can work amazingly well and that's real emotional freedom!

The OneMoreBite Issues Packet contains four sheets,

  1. Completed worksheet as example of how to fill in the worksheet
  2. Instructions for how to do the EFT process
  3. Diagram to the tapping points
  4. Blank worksheet.

Overview of the tapping points:

    EFT tapping points diagram

1. SE - Side of the eye. Inside corner, near the nose.

2. OE - Outside corner of the eye.

3. UE - Under the eye.

4. UN - Under the nose.

5. CH - Chin.

6. CB - Collar bone. Not on the bone itself, but just under it.

7. UA - Under the arm, about where the bra strap on a lady would be.

Easy Way to Remember Tapping Points

I remember this by thinking of drawing a big question mark on my face, starting from point No. 1, out to point No. 2, back to point No. 3, and then down from point No. 4. Once you go through the various tapping points a few times, it's very easy to remember the various points.

You'll be using a light tapping touch, hard enough to feel, but not so hard as to bruise yourself. Gentle, but not so gentle that you barely notice. Tap five to seven times on each point, about the same amount of time it takes to say your reminder phrase. This process is described in the packet referred to above.

Follow the instructions, read along as you practice tapping. Think of an issue, rate the level of distress, write it down on your worksheet, proceed through the process, then re-rate the level of distress. That's it! Simple. Sign up to receive the Daily Bites (free) for twice weekly lessons, suggestions and hints on using EFT for weight loss.

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