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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this one of those seminars where you only get some information, and you must buy something else, or come to a more expensive seminar to get the real deal?

2. I've been overweight my entire life. Can your weight loss workshop help me?

3. Is this just another diet?

4. What is a teleseminar?

5. Do you guarantee I'll lose weight?

6. I got your Daily Bites inspiration and you mentioned EFT and said to do it three times a day. What is EFT? 

7. Does PayPal require registration to use it?

8. If I sign up for the one-on-one telephone coaching, do I need to also sign up for the 8 week online course?

1. Is this one of those seminars where you only get some information, and you must buy something else, or come to a more expensive seminar to get the real deal?

This seminar will teach you everything you need to know to successfully perform the techniques on yourself, or on each other. Some people want more training, or individual sessions. Some people learn best by attending live training, others live videos and tapes or books.

At the end of this seminar, you'll have had three hours of practical training (the in-person workshop), watched numerous demonstrations, and you'll have take-home handouts which outline the procedures. You'll also have information for where to obtain more information if you want to continue learning on your own.

2. I've been overweight my entire life. Can this workshop help me?

Certainly. This workshop will open your eyes to the possibility of permanent change. You'll experience firsthand a shift in your thinking. Whether you'll continue to use the techniques after you leave is up to you. Some people elect to have follow-up sessions, and others don't need that assistance.

Change is an ongoing process, and you'll learn the techniques which if utilized will bring you to the place you desire.

3. Is this just another diet?

No. What has come to be known as a "diet" generally refers to a Fad Diet and is very dangerous and not worth the trouble. Fad Diets are a temporary fix and never a permanent solution. You cannot restrict your eating for a week and then go right back to your usual habits and expect a different result, yet people do this every single day. Every ridiculous fad diet has thousands of people hoping this one will work.

The real definition of "diet" is whatever you feed yourself on a regular basis. Thus you may have a healthy diet, and you may have a poor diet, or even be malnourished but overfed.

Fad diets do not work except to provide a temporary loss that is quickly regained when the diet is over. That is a proven fact. This is a program to address your emotional issues:

  • Why you eat when you say you don't want to
  • Why you keep eating after you're already full
  • Why you can't stop once you get started

-- whatever your issues might be. All the reasons you eat that have nothing to do with hunger.

Once you've reduced or eliminated many of these eating triggers you'll find it much easier to eat like a person without a weight problem and one day, discover, that person is you!

4. What is a tele-seminar?

It is simply a conference call, where all participants call in and then listen/participate to the seminar. Future seminars will be taped so those unable to attend at the specified times can still receive an audio recording.

5. Do you guarantee I'll lose weight?

That's a trick question because it is obviously up to you whether you apply what you learn. Some people, when given a challenge such as that would do everything possible to ensure they were not successful, which is obviously a waste of everyone's time.

If you attend a seminar or read my materials, I guarantee you'll find old emotional issues melting away and your body will begin to feel a new lightness. You may lose your old hang-ups around food. You may be able to stop being traumatized by old memories. There are literally hundreds of excellent result possibilities I could think of, but every one is different.

6. I got your Daily Bites inspiration and you mentioned EFT and said to do it three times a day. What is EFT? 

EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique which is name Gary Craig chose for his brand of TFT - Thought Field Therapy. If you've heard of acupuncture or acupressure, it is somewhat similar, using the body's meridian fields and fact that the body contains electrical pathways, only in this case you are using your fingertips (no needles), and can perform it on yourself, anytime, anywhere. I even do it in the
car. You've probably experienced a spark of static electricity caused by your body creating friction against something such as a carpet? It shows vividly how our body's conduct electricity.

I have some brief explanatory materials on EFT, as well as links to other information sources, and books, etc., if you are interested in learning more. I use EFT in my work as it's very simple to learn, simple to use, and it's very effective - remarkably so, in fact. It can be used for everything, not just weight loss. People use it for sports performance, kids for test anxiety, small children for fears, etc., and you can imagine the possibilities an adult has in old, junky thoughts and memories they might like to be rid of.

EFT doesn't erase memories of bad experiences, it simply neutralizes them, so you can recall a prior traumatic event with indifference, rather than tears or other physical effects. Here is some information about how to do EFT.

I demonstrate how to use EFT techniques for weight loss in the Daily Bites, giving actual ideas for its use depending on the topic. Sign up to receive the Free - Daily Bites. (Sent twice weekly).

7. Does PayPal require registration on their site?

Not anymore. PayPal no longer requires registration. To use the shopping cart without being registered, just choose the button that says, "If you do not currently have a PayPal Account, Click Here, and you're taking directly to the checkout area.

You can also telephone me or fax the credit card information.

Name on card
Billing address
Expiration Date
Card Number

Additionally, if you don't have a credit card, or want to pay in cash, just send a check to my address listed below. As soon as the check is processed, you'll be able to .

8. If I sign up for the one-on-one telephone coaching, do I need to also sign up for the 8 week online course, or is the 8 week online course included with the private coaching.

You can choose if you want the additional materials by signing up for both private sessions and the 8-week course simultaneously (currently at a $50 savings). The option to have separate private sessions is always available.

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