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Using EFT for Cravings
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Can EFT Help with Food Cravings

Why, yes, naturally, EFT helps with just about anything but is really effective on cravings. Here are a few articles already on One More Bite about using EFT for cravings:

How I used EFT to deal with the craving for foil wrapped Christmas chocolate balls. ... Stop Food Cravings Before They Start with EFT. If you don't think you can, try this EFT exercise about ending immediate cravings, and you'll probably find that, Yes You Can!

I really, really need some help getting past these cravings. I am no doubt a sugar addict. If I could get past this there is no doubt that I will reach my ... Try NLP with an exercise in Ending Food Cravings with a Well Formed Outcome

Thinking about a pleasurable activity to come was one way Janet escaped boredom, while at the same time she was setting herself up for a full-blown craving ... How to Change All-or-Nothing Thinking and Stop Overeating

Then, if you're craving pizza or cake or cookies, and you know you've eaten enough food, it's only a matter of knowing you can wait a day or two for your The One-Two Punch Diet


EFT is often helpful to diminish or demolish the cravings. It can be your HOW. How to change habits that you want to be rid of, how to create ... Read Managing Cravings with EFT

We all know that emotional reactions are a BIG part of successful weight loss, but I haven't seen any self-help technique work as well as EFT to zap food cravings

Learn EFT for your issues with food and eating. Click the link for Classes & Workshops for more details about the 8-Week OneMoreBite Approach Workshop and Weight Loss Coaching.

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