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Kathryn Martyn Smith
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP
Body Mind Weight Loss Coach

What Clients Say ...
I learned so much...
Your program was amazing ...

I admit I was skeptical...

EFT - NLP Weight Loss Program

wine EFT Permanent Weight Loss Program

Learn EFT for Weight Loss if you:

  • Feel hungry all the time
  • Feel out of control
  • Can't stop eating once you start
  • Eat to end the pain, fill the emptiness
  • Can't get or stay motivated to lose weight
  • Afraid you'll re-gain the weight you lost

Identify and eliminate triggers that cause emotional eating and it's easy to lose all the weight you want and never gain it back.

sandwich Stop Regaining Weight You Lost

EFT and NLP your secret weapons to lose all the weight you need and keep it off. If you want to lose 10, 100 pounds or more you can and will reach your goals with the OMB Weight Loss Program.

Get The Daily Bites. Free lessons how to use EFT for weight loss

birthday cake How I Lost 80 Pounds

And kept it off for over 24 years without deprivation dieting, endless hunger or giving up favorite foods.

My Before/After Weight Loss Pictures

The Slimming Pool Blog

Visit The Slimming Pool
Weight Loss Blog

grapes EFT & NLP Weight Loss Workshop

8-Week Online Weight Loss Program

  • Stop compulsive eating, binging, purging, endless dieting
  • Stop food cravings
  • Learn to eat what you love without gaining weight
  • Improve self image
  • Be free from emotional eating forever

meal Why a Weight Loss Coach?

A weight loss coach may be just for you especially when:

  • Weight loss programs work they're over (didn't learn new habits, just followed a "plan")
  • You gained back all the weight you lost
  • You've read books about losing weight, heard weight loss tapes and tried every diet and still nothing seems to work
  • You need accountability of working with a coach

Stop the struggle and get permanent weight loss results now.

With Kathryn as your weight loss coach you can finally succeed where all else has failed. Learn to lose the weight you want and never gain it back

apple Weight Loss Tools & Software

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Kathryn Martyn Smith, Master NLP & EFT Coach
Weight Loss Guru

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