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Finding the Time to Exercise - Books for Short Exercise Programs
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These books demonstrate how you can get fit, even if you think you're too busy to exercise.

Do you watch TV? Try The Commercial Break Workout, or Get Fit While you Sit, or take a look at Joyce Vedral's many wonderful books including those listed below! Ms. Vedral is in her 50's and going strong. She didn't get started in the fitness world under later in life, so it proves, no matter how old you are, no matter how many years since you last moved a muscle, it's never too late!

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Learn EFT & NLP for Weight Loss: Books, Tapes and more...

No Time to Exercise Books

Get Fit While You Sit
The Commercial Break Workout. Get Fit
Watching TV!
T'ai Chi in a Chair
15-Minute Routines for Beginners
Joyce Vedral - 12-Minute
Total Body Workout
(Ms. Vedral is in her 50's!)
Definition: Shape Without
Bulk in 15 Minutes a Day


The 7-Minute Miracle (Banish Spot Fat Forever)
Jorge Cruise - 8 Minutes
in the Morning
Jorge Cruise - 8 Minutes for
Real Shapes Real Sizes
Slow Burn Fitness Revolution
Slow Motion Exercise
in 30 Minutes a Week
Power of 10
Once a Week Slow Motion Fitness
The Sound of
One Thigh Clapping
- Haiku for a Thinner You
The Ultimate Guide
One-Minute Workouts

If you have issues with food and eating, learn to remove those obstacles to weight loss success in the privacy of your own home.

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