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When to use EFT for Weight Loss
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Once you learn EFT you'll start wondering when to use it. Frankly, use it on everything and you'll get the best result. Here are some times you might think to use EFT.

  • Thinking constantly about food or what you'll get to eat next
  • Noticing an uncomfortable feeling when you choose to stop eating before you're too full
  • Feel resentful about having to pay attention to everything you eat
  • Feel compelled to keep eating, even though you don't want to continue
  • Unable to leave someone else's food alone and even steal or sneak it
  • Become anxious just thinking about overeating
  • Start to feel sick and decide you'd better eat something (so you'll feel better)
  • Restrict yourself so severely that when you do finally eat something, you eat everything in sight (thinking about the next diet)
  • Avoid eating delicious foods at parties because you don't want people to see you eating
  • Listen with interest at every advertisement that promises, "Quick, Painless Weight Loss."
  • Willingingly pay good money for cheap and poorly designed exercise equipment which you just immediately stick in a closet
  • Refuse to look at yourself in a full-length mirror or store window
  • Never let anyone else see you naked
  • Feel ashamed
  • Skip meals because, "If I eat something it'll just make me hungrier later."
  • Eat little or nothing today because you overate yesterday
  • Start acting like the food police when you're around others so they'll think you're that strict with yourself

Wow, reading that list is a bit of a downer! The idea is, you can work on any of these feelings or beliefs and CHANGE them. That's right. You don't have to feel that way, and once you change a belief or behavior all kinds of good things can happen.

Read my weight loss articles - you'll find lots of ideas and suggestions there. Learn to use EFT. Get my Daily Bites where I give examples of using EFT for these issues, and take it one day at a time, one bite at a time.

You may not need to lose weight specifically, but if you have issues with food that you'd like to resolve, learn to use EFT and NLP methods. You can learn to remove your obstacles to feeling healthy and in charge of your own life. Look here to see if a Weight Loss Coach is right for you.

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