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Why Use EFT for Weight Loss
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Start First with Emotional Issues

Even if your goal is to lose some weight, starting first on your emotional issues gives you the best change of success. It's a small victory to lose a few pounds only to watch them creep right back as you slowly return to your regular eating and behavior habits. I instead focus on the why, not the how. What reasons lie beneath the surface and drive us to eat, drink or lie on the couch all day. Those issues and events that form the basis of who you are and how you are. Some of these things are obvious such as the way we label ourselves: "I've always been fat," or "I just can't lose any weight," and others are not so obvious such as why we crave certain foods at certain times, but they can all be addressed with EFT, even when we don't know what they are.

If you continue to do the things you say you don't want to do, or you can't seem to find the motivation to get started, if you feel like you're a hamster stuck in your wheel, then you probably have emotional issues weighing you down. EFT helps you get past those barriers.

We all have memories and events in our past that sometimes leap out at unexpected moments - and some of us find it prompts us to want to eat - ice cream for instance. Maybe you used to go to the Boardwalk with your dad and he always bought you a cone, who knows? The memories are hidden in our minds, yet they cause events in the present, whether we're aware of them or not.

If you are looking at EFT as your magic bullet, something you can do once or twice and voila you're suddenly different, then you'll likely be disappointed. A sudden shift in your thinking can certainly occur and does quite often for many people, but you must do the work. Change isn't hard but it doesn't always come easy.

What if you tried EFT and it Didn't Seem to Work?

Many people experience excellent results from one or two sessions, but frankly, those people have probably already done years of work on themselves, they've read lots of books, and tried many things and now the time is finally right. They've had enough and don't want to take it anymore, so the next thing they try, does seem like magic, only they've forgotten all the effort that preceded it.

Others will say, "EFT didn't work for me," which tells me they might have been expecting something outside themselves to do the work for them. This, like anything else, is up to you. If you learn a technique, but then let it sit on the shelf, not using it, then it isn't going to work, but it wasn't the technique that didn't work, it was that you didn't work the technique. EFT won't work in the sense of suddenly bringing on a change you aren't really ready for. That's why it is critical to deal with the underlying issues. Only then can you be free to really choose the lifestyle you prefer.

The magic of EFT is that it allows you to get past old issues and move into the present. You might have a lot of old stuff to work through, but the best part is you don't have to deal with every single thing one at a time. Dealing the with top few can be all it takes. Think of the game of Pick-up-Sticks. You pour them out in a pile, then start carefully removing one at a time, trying not to disturb the whole pile, but no matter how hard you try, many times that pile falls in a heap just the sam. That's exactly how EFT works by attacking one issue, then another, until the whole pile comes tumbling down at once.

EFT Daily Plan

Be realistic - expect work on yourself to be ongoing. This is life, not a 3-day diet plan. My regular use of EFT takes the pattern of morning planning time, drive time, and evening reflection. Start every day by deciding what you want to do that day and them commit to that plan - just for that day. Anyone can commit for a lousy 24 hours, and frankly, you'll be asleep for at least part of that time, so just do it. If you slip, it's okay, perfection isn't required, just persistence.

If I'm trying to break a habit, then I'm going to have to set limits, and I do this by telling myself I can have it tomorrow, but tonight, I'm going to wait. I can wait until tomorrow. Then tomorrow, I make that decision again, fresh, once more. Do I want it today, or can I wait another day? Some days you'll go ahead and decide to have it. That's fine. That's the idea. The next day you may decide not to again. I'm speaking here of breaking habits such as eating late into the evening in front of the TV, or eating in bed, or ...?

Whatever it is you want so badly right now, you can have tomorrow. Many times you'll find that by riding the rougher waves, they get easier and easier to handle but if you simply avoid riding them, you'll never get out to the smooth water beyond.

For examples of using EFT for weight issues, get The Daily Bites. Not really daily, but regular (usually twice a week or more examples of what happens in my life, what I see going on around me, and what issues clients have. I create EFT examples you can use in your daily life and finish this emotional struggle once and for all.

You may not need to lose weight specifically, but if you have issues with food that you'd like to resolve, learn to use EFT and NLP methods. You can learn to remove your obstacles to feeling healthy and in charge of your own life. Look here to see if a Weight Loss Coach is right for you.

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