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EFT for Anxious Kids
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How to use EFT to Help Kids with Tourettes

What if met your child and told him or her that, "I teach kids how to calm down quickly when they don't want to be upset." Might they be interested to know how I do it? Probably.

Our problems are like the pieces of a puzzle. At first you have a big pile of pieces and it looks like it'll take forever to finish the puzzle. Then you just start by trying to find those that fit together. As you find matching pieces you keep working and the puzzle starts to take shape. It starts getting easier too, as the colors make themselves more apparent. After awhile your pile of loose pieces is very small and the picture is almost complete. Those last few pieces seem to fly into place. It's the same thing when figuring out what bothers us and what to do about it. At first it seems like there is too much, and that we'll never solve the problem, but then you just get started fitting those pieces together one after another. That's what I do. I teach something called EFT that helps you put the pieces together.

Tourette Syndrome

Univeristy of Washington has some wonderful web pages on Tourette Syndrome (TS) and describe it as "a neurological movement disorder that is inherited. It affects between 100,000 to 200,000 people in the United States. About 1 million Americans may have very mild symptoms of TS. A person with TS makes involuntary and repeated body movements, called 'tics.' The tics are not always present, but may worsen with fatigue or stress."

Generally Tourette syndrome (TS) is considered to be “genetic” condition, but recent research confirms that TS can be a genetic-and an environmental—condition. If TS affects anyone in your family you may have already noticed certain times or events that can trigger an attack. It's also possible that certain chemical additives in food or drinks could be a trigger, or certain smells, chemicals, and solvents. Many migraine sufferers experience the same thing - certain smells can trigger a headache, while not bothering anyone else.

Start by noticing what you eat or drink regularly and see whether there are any questionable additives.

A quick and easy way to eliminate any food/drink triggers is to practice an elimination diet, whereby you simply do not eat or drink the particular substance for a couple of weeks then reintroduce the food/drink and see what, if anything, occurs. Allow a couple of weeks after reintroduction to be sure there is no reaction because for some people it takes a week or two of repeated exposure before symptoms appear.

Two-pronged Approach

If your child suffers with Tourettes or similar neurological disorders, there are two things needing to be addressed: The child's affliction itself, and your response to that affliction. In other words there may be more stress based on the fact that the affliction exists than the affliction itself.

I would suggest a two-pronged approach. I'd ask the child if they'd like a way to "not feel angry," or "stop worrying about the tics," or whatever is their primary issue. Some children have symptoms much worse than others, so depending on the severity their main problem could be teasing and being hassled by other kids about "being different" or it could be the exasperation they see on their parent's faces, or it could be just a general uneasiness with not feeling in control of themselves.

EFT Addresses the Stress

Tourettes and other neurological symptoms are generally thought to be aggravated by stress, excitement and fatigue. EFT is an excellent way to address and calm many of those issues whether in the moment as they are occurring, or in advance such as when some stressful event is coming up. For instance a child being asked to stand and read aloud in class is a very stressful event and something most kids dread, but a child with an underlying fear of being able to control his actions is under an enormous additional strain. No small wonder some kids have a rough time.

EFT is helpful for kids to learn to relieve their fears such as "monsters under my bed," traumas such as bullies at school and everyday frustrations and insecurities; "No one likes me," "My teacher hates me," and "I can't read," which are all beliefs that can be inadvertently encouraged by overworked teachers and busy parents. It's not easy raising a child today and it's certainly not made easier by having to deal with an ailment or physical manifestation such as with Tourettes, stuttering or any other physical symptoms.

How to Approach Kids with Learning EFT

Your kids will love EFT once they learn it. Sometimes while teaching EFT to the parents, the child will ask, "Can I learn too?" If you want to help your child, but are not sure how to approach them about learning, here are some ideas that may help you find the right words in your situation:

"How would you like it if you had a way to stop being mad when you don't want to be?"

"Would you like to be able to stop being afraid at nighttime?" (This question usually gets a, "Yes, but," which means they also believe there are monsters and if you take away the fear, will they still be eaten? Monsters are quite real to a small child).

"Would you like to be able to stop feeling bad, whenever you wanted?"

Once they agree, you can get started. Remember to use "Kid Approved" phrases including their own words as often as possible.

"Even though I'm scared of spiders, I think I'm really cool."

"Even though everyone laughed when I wet my pants by accident, I'm a great kid."

"Even though I can't say the right words sometimes, I'm the coolest cat, anyway."

EFT is sort of like having a magic wand. Once kids learn they can control themselves, they learn they can control their destiny. It's amazingly empowering for a child to feel a sense of mastery over their own environment.

Use EFT with your kids and they'll start asking for it. "Mom, can you do that tapping thing with me?" "I have a big test, can we do tapping to make it easier?"

EFT is so simple, even a 3-year old can do it. Parents can use EFT on pre-verbal children as well, and watch as it calms them from the most serious screaming and crying episodes. It will help them, and it will help you help them.

Contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule a private session.

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