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Motivation Strategy for Losing Weight - Part 2
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Wheel of Dreaded Consequences, Better Behavior Wheel is a game developed through the ingenuity of a mom with two squabbling children.

Using Wheel of Dreaded Consequences Concept for Weight Loss

So how's can this game concept be used for adults or even weight loss? Easy - how about using it as a reward or punishment for your own goals - keeping to your eating plan, or exercise plan?

First, What Motivates You?

You must first determine whether you are more motivated by what you can obtain or what you will avoid - in other words, are you a Toward person, someone who wants to work for a reward, or are you an Away person, someone who wants to avoid something? This is your motivation preference, and once you know your preference, it makes much more sense to use that preferred strategy with yourself. This also explains why sometimes it seems so difficult to get ourselves to do what we want - we have been using the wrong strategy.

Determining Your Motivation Strategy

Determine whether you are a "toward" or an "away" from person. That is, would you put more effort into gaining a reward, or avoiding a punishment?

If you prefer to gain a reward, you are a "toward" person and you'd prefer rewards for achieving goals, such as when you achieve your eating goals for the week, you might reward yourself with a professional massage, or something nice to wear. You could reformat your Wheel to have rewards instead of consequences.

If you would go to greater lengths to avoid some consequence, you are an "away" person. You would then take the opposite strategy; that of requiring yourself to spin the Wheel of Dreaded Consequences when you do not follow your plan.

Once you know whether you are a Toward or Away from person, you can better determine your own reward/punishment system.

Preference  Action Plan

List every thing you can think that will happen to you if you do not change your eating ha

bits or lose weight.

Example: You'll die younger. Complications from diabetes, heart disease. Can't play with your kids the way you want. Can't ride bikes with your friends. You'll spend more money on food and specially made clothes.

What are the worst things that will happen if you do not make any change in your habits? Create your list and pull it out when you are tempted to fall back into old habits.


List everything you can think that you will gain by sticking to your plan.

What good things can you get, achieve, be or do?

Example: You can be a good example for your kinds, you will feel energetic and alive, you'll look younger, you'll be invited to more events, you'll get promoted ...

Either way, reward or punishment, you can achieve what you desire.

If you aren't sure whether you are a Toward or Away person, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you tend to talk in terms of what you don't want? You're probably an Away person.
  2. If you feel ill after eating certain foods, yet you eat them anyway, you're probably a Toward person. You'd rather get the immediate reward than worry about the consequences.
  3. An away person would take quite a lot of convincing before he'd eat a food known to cause him problems. A toward person wouldn't hesitate - who cares, they can worry about it later.

Using the Wrong Strategy

If you've been coming up against a brick wall in your attempts to get your spouse to join you in your efforts to eat healthier for instance, it may be that you've been trying to motivate them but using the wrong strategy. They may be motivated in a different way from you.

We all leave clues in our language as to our preferences. Listen to others around you and you can figure out their strategy as easily as your own. Once you know their strategy, you can then speak their language and improve communication tremendously. We want the same things, but since we go about it in different ways it sometimes leads to confusion and conflict. This is an easy way to bring back peace.

Try the game, Wheel of Dreaded Consequences. It's a great idea and would be excellent for kids age four on up who are ready to learn that actions have consequences. This way, they learn at an early age that their actions have consequences and their decisions have an impact creating better decision makers at an early age.

By Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

If you have issues with food and eating, you can learn to remove those obstacles to weight loss success in the privacy of your own home.

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