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Motivation Strategy for Losing Weight

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Can the Wheel of Dreaded Consequences Help with Weight Loss?

Wheel of Dreaded Consequences is a game developed through the ingenuity of a mom with two squabbling children.

This game is designed to get kids to learn there are consequences to their actions. It is simple in its use but ingenious because it's they type of thing your kids will enjoy, even if it does dish out the punishment. No more having to figure out an effective punishment, and then having to fight the impulse to "give in" to sad looks. Kids will fight, refuse to do chores, or generally act miserable, i.e. like kids, and sometimes don't you wish you could figure out what to do to get them to listen without having to resort to punishments that are difficult for you to carry out later? This game is the answer.

This Game Motivates Kids to Learn Actions Have Consequences

Your kids are fighting and won't stop. They won't go to bed when asked, they don't clean their rooms or do their homework. Don't bother with punishments, just say, "Okay, let's get out the Wheel," and let them be the one to take a spin. Wherever the pointer lands is their "consequence." The games come with several templates for consequences or you can design your own. For instance, if you have more than one child, a great consequence could be having to clean the room of the other - kids sure don't want to do that, but if it's assigned because that's where the spinner landed, they are more likely to comply with much less grumbling and telling you how mean you are. It wasn't you - it was the game. They know the rules - either do your chores, stop fighting when asked to quiet down, etc. or there will be consequences.

I wish I'd had this game when my son was small - he'd have loved it, and it would have made my job easier. He was never difficult to discipline but I remember being torn when I had to come up with appropriate punishments because my personal rule was if I said it, I had to follow through. As long as I kept this promise to follow through, he always knew if I said no, I meant no. There was no changing my mind, no talking me into it, it was just no means no.

Using Wheel of Dreaded Consequences Concept for Weight Loss

So how's this used for adults? What about using it as a reward or punishment for your own goals - keeping to your eating plan, or exercise plan for instance?

First, you must determine whether you are more motivated by what you can get or what you will avoid - in other words, are you a Toward person, someone who wants to work for a reward, or are you an Away person, someone who wants to avoid something? This is your motivation preference, and once you know your preference, it makes much more sense to use that preferred strategy with yourself. This also explains why sometimes it seems so difficult to get ourselves to do what we want - we have been using the wrong strategy.

Try the game, Wheel of Dreaded Consequences. It's a great idea and would be excellent for kids age four on up who are ready to learn that actions have consequences. This way, they learn at an early age that their actions have consequences and their decisions have an impact creating better decision makers at an early age.

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