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Whatever Happened to Honesty in Advertising?
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Online Fitness Questionnaires - Buyer Beware

What's up with forms that ask you to enter your height, weight, lifestyle, etc. and then supposedly will give you their recommendations based on those responses? I have tested several by entering ridiculously inaccurate data such as my height at 5'8" and my weight at 120 lbs, and they always recommend I buy their diet program. Worse, they then congratulated me on my efforts to lose weight! That's nonsense.

At first I thought these questionnaires were fun, and something I might want to add to my site, but since trying them out, I've changed my mind. Too bad. If anyone finds one they like, please send me a note at and let me know.

Misleading and Inaccurate Results

I went to a site entered my real height of 5'7" and my body weight of 132 (not true, it's higher). This weight would normally put my BMI (Body Mass Index) at a healthy 20.7, yet this site (name not mentioned for obvious reasons), states my BMI is 24 - 26 (not as healthy at all), and tells me I could reach my weight loss goal in eight weeks on their program! (I listed my weight at 132 and my desired weight at 132.) Fer crying out loud! Is that ridiculous or what?

It's bad enough when people think they should weigh next to nothing but when these sites that are supposed to be helpful and promoting health, offer weight loss to someone who is basically underweight to start, well it's just wrong.

Misleading and inaccurate information such as this is prevalent in many websites so when you are taking a fitness test, or any other test a site uses to supposedly gauge your need for their program, keep this is mind. As usual, it's always "buyer beware."

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You may not need to lose weight specifically, but if you believe you have issues with food that you'd like to resolve, you might want to learn to use EFT and NLP methods. You can learn to remove your obstacles to feeling healthy and in charge of your own life. Click the link for Weight Loss Support to see if a Weight Loss Coach might be right for you.

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