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Another issue of One More Bite's wise, witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe

Issue 12 - Mar. 2004

+ Weight & Health: In the News
+ Using EFT for Stress Helps Shed Pounds
+ New on OneMoreBite: Articles About Weight Loss
* How South Beach Became More Popular than Atkins Diet
* Diet Lies, Nonsense and Katy's Daily Rant
* Finding Time to Exercise
* Good Food/Bad Food What's Left to Eat?
+ New in Food News
+ About Skinny Cow
+ How to Eat Ice Cream
+ Kitchen Finds: Microwave Mixer
+ Super Size Me: Is McDonalds Getting Picked On?
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ISSN No. 1545-1860

BITS-O-WISDOM: "Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into
four pieces with your bare hands -- and then eat just one of the
pieces" --Judith Viorst

Weight & Health in the News

This just in: Studies prove kids that watch more TV, and exercise less, are heavier!

Well duh. Did it take an advanced degree to figure that out? Sometimes I have to wonder about these "studies." No wonder we all ignore these news reports - they are stoopid!

The above study didn't consider the video game called Dance, Dance, Revolution (DDR) which kids discovered is not only a blast to play but helps them drop pounds while they're playing! This is an excellent example of how finding an activity that gets you moving, and is something you really enjoy, is the key to getting in shape. Kids of all ages love DDR because it's fun, challenging, and as your skill level improves, so does your overall fitness.

If you dread going to he gym, or say you "hate exercise," far better to find something you love to do, like gardening for instance. Bending, stretching, carrying loads of plants to and fro, not to mention the satisfaction of growing food or flowers yourself. Accomplishment is a big part of enjoying our activities. Housework can be an excellent fitness program, and if you like it, get out there and dance! Aerobics classes are not the only dance exercise - there are also dance studios.

The key with exercise is finding something you enjoy and doing it often. I think of housework and yard work as "exercise opportunities." I'm always getting a "chance" to do some. There's laundry to do, bending, stretching, there's always something in the yard to be done, the car to be washed, there's groceries to be hauled in and put away, more bending, more stretching, lifting and carrying. It feels good to move your body. Instead of complaining about chores, think of them as a chance to get up and burn a calorie or two!

What was different decades ago was that physical movement was a large part of people's everyday lives. I recall some magazines me had at our beach cabin from the 50's and they had ads for some "time saving" new things like automatic washing machines and dryers! Wow, fabulous, and TV dinners! Who would have thought! Before this people had to wash clothes by actually rubbing the cloth against rocks in a stream, can you imagine doing that? Despite the fact that we now have a longer average life span, what have we gained? Are we healthier overall? Are we happier or are we more stressed? Are we running to beat the clock or being chased by father time? What's the rush? Enjoy today, and you'll live to enjoy tomorrow.

Make a fresh salad, chop some vegetables and chat with someone while you're working. Kneed bread, put some muscle into it. Take pleasure in the daily chores as they are a boon to your efforts to stay healthy, plus, it just feels good. Yes, I know. You're too tired. You're too busy, but take a look at what you do on your off hours - if it's sitting and watching TV, then you have some time. Article About Kids and Exercise

Using EFT for Stress Helps Shed the Pounds

Stress is such a big issue that it can seem overwhelming to tackle it with EFT. "Where do I begin? Just thinking about how stressed I am is making me more stressed. What can I do?"

Chunk it Down to Size

In NLP they call it "chunking," or taking an issue and making it more manageable. You can chunk up but here we'll focus on chunking down. It's a similar approach to that used to achieve a larger goal where you break the task into small bite-sized pieces. Did your mom ever say, "You've bitten off more than you can chew"? That's what she meant--she felt the situation you'd gotten yourself into was too big for you to handle all at once. Not that you couldn't have tackled the big jobs, but breaking them into manageable pieces makes it so much easier.

Instead of thinking of your stress as such a huge problem, focus instead on tackling those stressors as they arise. If you have a difficult situation coming up, or one just occurred, use EFT to dissolve that stress right on the spot. You can do EFT even if someone is looking right at you by mentally thinking of the tapping places and saying the phrasing to yourself, "Even though my boss is full of it, I deeply and completely accept myself," tra la la. You'd be amazed how stress melts away when you try it on the spot.

"Even though I know I'm going to blow it on my interview, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Try that while you're driving over. Suddenly you'll feel more relaxed, and frankly, you'll give a much better impression to the person doing the interviewing.

Try it when there is a confrontation that leaves you shaking with anger,

"Even though that miserable little ... stole the credit for my work, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Take a deep breath. Force your shoulders down (they were a little tight, right?), and
you'll see - you'll feel better very quickly. Sometimes a sip of water is helpful too.

So, big deal, you're thinking. That's a swell way to get rid of the immediate stress but how is that helpful with my weight? That's best answered with a question (oh, man, don't give me that ...) "Which person is more likely to look and feel healthy? The lady that's always screaming at her kids and hates her life, or the woman who tends her garden on the weekends, bakes pies occasionally and hums while she walks?

My guess is the second woman is going to be in a better frame of mind, and will have less reason to need to stuff her feelings away. She might not feel the need to eat to fill the emptiness (she may not even sense an emptiness), or need to chew constantly as a stress reliever. Stress is the No. 1 reason why people overeat - reduce stress and you'll reduce your pant size.

Oh, you think my lady example is unrealistic? It's not. Plenty of busy professional go through life enjoying the process - they aren't focused on how awful things are but instead choose to focus on what's good, and there's just always something else to work toward. What good would it be if we achieved our goal and that's all there is? Nothing more to look forward to? Nothing more to strive for? That wouldn't work at all.

Goals are something to work toward but life is about today. I know you have a lot of issues, so do I, so does every person I know. If you want to lose some weight, then work on the issues that cause you stress and the weight will take care of itself. Don't think you must get it all handled in one day, week or month. Work toward a better future, but don't be so focused on the future or the past that you forget life is today. Be present.

I use EFT in my work because it's helpful. Losing some weight is a side benefit. It's great for kids, helping them with the enormous stress they're under, and reducing their stress will help to reduce yours (the opposite is true as well).

EFT in brief, with worksheets and diagrams

Active Women and Plus Sized Clothing Sites:

JUNONIA, Inspiration for Active Women in Plus Sizes If you're looking for great prices on end-of-season winter merchandise as well as mark downs on close out colors and styles perfect to wear right now, look no farther than JUNO'S CLOSET

New Articles on OneMoreBite:

How South Beach Diet Became More Popular than Atkins Diet

The ranking at for top searches January 2004 shows South Beach Diet as the No. 1 top searched program for losing the weight with Weight Watchers second and Atkins a trailing third. For awhile it seemed as if nothing would knock Atkins off the "King of Dieting Programs" throne. All along I thought it would be smart to develop a "Modified Atkins Diet" and then along comes the South Beach plan.

Since the South Beach diet is basically a modified Atkins plan, it's not surprising that it's gaining in popularity. Both diets are based on the principal that reducing carbohydrates and increasing protein will help you with the loss of weight, and that can be true, especially in the short-term.

Reducing carbs is the easiest and quickest way to reduce water weight. In fact, if you need to lose a quick five to 10 pounds to get into shape for an upcoming event, nothing short of fasting would do the trick better than a week of very low carbs.

Complete Article: How South Beach Diet Became More Popular than Atkins Diet

Finding Time to Exercise

Think you don't have time to exercise? Do you watch TV? Then you've got time. Here's how to get fit while still watching TV!

Complete Article: Finding Time to Exercise

Good Food / Bad Food What's Left to Eat?

We've entered the Twilight Zone when it comes to the multitude of diets being promoted today. First we tried low fat and that works, if you stay away from processed foods labeled as low fat but actually being high in added sugar (those carbs they refer to), and now we have the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet, both essentially the opposite of the low fat approach - higher protein, low carbs, and who cares about the fat? Which is best?

Complete Article: Good Food / Bad Food What's Left to Eat?

What's New in Food News

Food manufacturers are scrambling to come out with low carb products - you've probably seen a few at the store by now, but while they are adding ingredients to bring down the overall carbohydrate count, be aware that in many cases the total calorie count may grow. Dr. Atkins promoted the idea that calories don't count but this was based on the premise that if one was eating a diet high in protein and fat, they probably wouldn't be hungry enough to overeat, hence the "calories don't count idea was born."

My apologies to Dr. Atkins but I disagree. People can and will overeat, regardless of their diet plan. Tell me I can eat all the bacon I want, and I might just eat a pound every day. Or what if I just eat three pounds of meat every day or six cans of tuna or ...? Nuts are very high in fat, very low in carbohydrate yet is there anyone on the plant that truly believes they could eat two pounds of roasted peanuts every day and not gain weight?

When I was in my "best shape" (14% body fat and 140 lbs) I ate very clean during the week, then ate high fat on the weekends. This worked well for me - it's the same approach advocated in the Body for Life program except there you'll find much more restrictive portions than I lived with. I frankly ate as much as I wanted to feel satisfied, then stopped eating when I was satisfied. I didn't eat past satisfied, and I didn't eat when I was not hungry, even if it was dinner time. I had very few exceptions because I was living that lifestyle - it wasn't a plan or a diet, it was just my choice. Weekends, I was okay with deviating from the plan, and my body thrived.

Any you having difficulties with the low carb approach? If you're not losing like you think you should, keep an eye on your total calorie intake because it does count. You cannot consistently eat more calories than your body requires without beginning to store that excess as fat - it's how nature intended it. During periods of feast we store fat to get us through those long, food scarce winters. Eating nothing but meat doesn't somehow magically change that equation - it's still calories required versus calories provided. Too many calories in equals a larger body. It's simple.

About Skinny Cow

I like those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches - they're a bit small but good. If you can discipline yourself to eat just one, they're a great snack, so when they came out with Skinny Cow by the half gallon I bought one and when I got home I took a taste test. The Skinny Cow looked okay on the spoon, so I put it in my mouth to melt, and egads, it was horrible. Just horrible. I put the rest away and there it sat. I didn't really want to toss an entire half gallon but I knew I'd never eat it.

I finally gave it to my sister as they are "watching their weight," but unfortunately I tainted it by telling her I thought it was awful. One person tried a small bowl, and later we discovered that bowl in the kitchen, partially melted (that's right the stuff doesn't even melt properly), and with only a few bites missing. Apparently he didn't like it either.

We also checked the back against the regular ice cream and the difference in calories was minimal. Skinny Cow did have less fat grams, but so what? My advice: Stick to the sandwiches.

How to Eat Ice Cream

Here's how I eat Haagen Daz. I come home from a fun hour long driving commute that should have taken 20 minutes, and I'm hungry. I get out my pint of vanilla and a small teaspoon. Since the ice cream is very hard I can't stick a spoon straight in, so I just take a swipe off the top - shaving I call it. Then I take that spoonful, put it in my mouth and let it melt. That's the key. The ice cream melts. I don't chew. Like when you lick an ice cream cone, it's the little slurps of flavor that make that fun - hardly anyone takes big bites out of their ice cream cone, and if they do, they've finished long before you, and probably wish they could have another.

I know for me I just want the "taste" of sweet, not a full meal. I always do this standing up it the kitchen, and I'll only take enough spoonfuls to satisfy the immediate urge for a sweet taste. If I go sit down in the dining room, I'll eat half the container, but standing in the kitchen I'll eat maybe a sixth of it. I believe the container says it serves four, and if you think that's a joke, I guess they meant me.

Another trick I've used when I want something sweet (maybe I don't have any Haagen Daz) is to have a brewed cup of herb or green tea with no sweet ingredients or flavorings. Tea is soothing, gives you something to do (the brewing and preparation) and can help reduce the cravings simply by putting your attention onto something else. You've heard of cleansing the palate? The same idea is in action here. When you get that "taste" or idea of a taste out of your immediate mind, then your craving disappears.

Can Man Live on McDonalds Alone?

One man sought to find the answer by traveling the land and eating nothing but McDonalds for 30 days, with dramatic results. This film by Morgan Spurlock should be in theaters by May 2004. McDonalds is not amused. In fact the day after the announcement that the Super Size Me film had been purchased and would be in theaters, McDonalds fortunately announced they planned to phase out "Super Size" meals by the end of 2004, claiming it had nothing whatsoever to do with Spurlock's film. Coincidence? I think not.

Spurlock claims he wasn't picking on McDonalds, but when he saw that they claimed their food was nutritious he had to find out for himself. This is one film I can't wait to see. Super Size Me

Almond Flour versus Whole Wheat Flour

I got to thinking about the low carb recipes that include flours. I noticed they tend to lean on nut flours rather than white or whole wheat, presumably because they have a higher protein content; certainly not because they are lower in overall carbs, readily apparent by a glance at the chart below. In the interest of fairness, if you want lower carbs, and you're substituting nut flour, remember you are greatly increasing the calories and fat, and in this instance at the price of no real reduction in carbs at all.

Amount Calories Fat Gm. Carb Gm. Protein Gm
Almond Flour 2784 224 96 96
White Flour 444 1.2 95.4 87
Wheat Flour 407 2.2 87 16.4

It makes more sense to just use the white flour. You can reduce the fat content in recipes by using applesauce in place of some butter or oil for instance. That also reduces the calories. If you want to lose some weight, reducing total calories is more efficient than only counting carbs.

I realize the hassle of paying attention to both carbs and calories is why people like the Atkins plan - they don't want to pay attention to calories, but don't forget common sense. Almond flour is four times the calories, and almost 200 times the fat! That's not a wise choice on a reducing plan.

Food & Recipe Sites

Taste Better aka Vegan Porn: Apparently the name Vegan Porn wasn't working out so well because links now end up at That's okay. My newsletters won't get delivered if I talk about porn either. This site isn't the one I originally reported on, so this post is nothing more than a link, but if you're interested in going vegan, check it out.

Kitchen Finds: Microwave Mixer - Now You're Cookin!

Here's one of those, "Why didn't I think of that" inventions. Like paper clips and post-it notes, years from now we'll wonder how we could have even gotten along without our Microwave Mixer.

Have you ever read microwave cooking instructions that advise to cook for five minutes, then stir, then cook for five, then stir, etc. essentially tying you to the chore of standing around and waiting just so you can take out the bowl and stir? Attaching this device to the inside of the microwave (no tools required), and the fold-out arm does the stirring while the food rotates on the carousel letting you put your attention elsewhere. I love this idea. Comes separately or with two mixing bowls.

Sold by Ekim Products in Portland, Oregon 97229 Check it out or call 866-330-3546 (toll-free call).

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Kids: Applied Math Made Easy -

Math made fun by using real world situations and examples.

Doing an Internet search for "How Many Calories Can I Eat" I somehow ended up reading about Don Gorske who ate his 18,000 McDonald's Big Mac sandwich. He's a celebrity of sorts for his mono food diet. Not surprisingly, McDonalds touts him as "proof" you won't get fat eating their food on a regular basis, but they failed to mention he eats little else, skipping breakfast and dinner (see prior note on "Super Size Me" above).

This site uses him as an example in a clever math project. This strikes me as a brilliant way to involve the students in a project that interests them, teaching math at the same time!

Applied Math Made Easy. Check out the BigMac challenge.

Food Trivia:

A healthy adult can go without eating any food usually for a month or longer, but denied water we won't last more than three or four days.

Just for Laughs

Would you Sign a Waiver Before Eating Fattening Food?
The Most Dangerous Pudding in the World

"We are so busy, we are no longer human beings, we are human doings."

National Nutrition Month - March 2004

American Dietetic Association : Food Guide Pyramid for Children

This diagram suggested food servings and you'll notice there's not one fast food wrapper in the whole thing, although there is a juice box which is curious. I don't believe any pure fruit juices are sold in boxes? Makes one wonder who pays for these studies?

Udo's Choice Food Pyramids

These are my favorites - choose an individual pyramid and a larger version will display. Again, his pyramid seems to make the distinction between starchy vegetables (they're nowhere to be found) and other vegetables. That's fine, but I say if you like potatoes, eat potatoes and if you don't, then don't.

Never let someone else tell you those foods you love are wrong - sometimes there can be healthier choices, such as baked potatoes instead of potato chips, but other than that, nothing is wrong with the poor lonely potato. You can never please all the people, so just work to suit yourself.

Yours in good eating,
Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

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