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Katy's Karmel Krunch: Low Carb Carmel Corn

Katy's Karmel Krunch - Low Carb Carmel Corn

This is actually a half recipe, but it's plenty, unless you have a crowd

  • 1/2 Cup butter (use real butter)
  • 1/4 Cup cane sugar syrup, white Karo syrup or liquid Maltitol
  • 3/4 Cup sweetener (any combination of Splenda, Maltitol or Xylitol)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Optional: 1 1/2 Cup peanuts or other nuts (salted or not)

Make one or two batches of popcorn. The more popcorn the skimpier the coating but that can be a good thing. I usually make about one and-a-half batches (in my air popper).

Melt butter over medium/high heat, add liquid sugar, and the sweetener. Put on a timer for 8 minutes. Pop the corn while the syrup is cooking (or pop it first), but watch the syrup at all times. Adjust the heat up or down as necessary.

Get out two or more big bowls and pour in the popcorn, no more than 3/4 full so you'll have room to stir once you start pouring on hot carmel. Sprinkle a handful of nuts on top of the popcorn if using. Leave the nuts on top and if you're very lucky some will stick to the popcorn. Of course if you used less popcorn this would be easier but the point is to create a snack that tastes great but is lower in calories and carbs than the regular. If the nuts end up at the bottom of the bowl, so be it.

Stir the hot stuff until it's at a full rolling boil but not bubbling over. If it starts smoking or the color starts to turn dark too quickly, turn down the heat. If it's just sitting there (too cool), turn up the heat. It will start to bubble up if the temperature is just right.

Color is the trick with carmel: too light and it's too chewy and stick to your teeth; too dark it's nice and crispy but also gets a huskier flavor. You'll find what you prefer somewhere in the middle. I like it pretty dark. If it's turned very dark and hasn't yet been 10 minutes you may have had the heat too high. Once you've reached 8 minutes watch the syrup carefully because it can change from light to very dark very quickly.

Once the carmel is just the right color, pull that baby off the stove and quickly stir in the vanilla. It may spatter so be ready. Then moving quickly, start pouring the hot stuff over the popcorn and nuts and commence mixing. Pour it over the first bowl in a sweeping motion, rather than all in a heap in the middle.

Pour some on top of one bowl, return the pot to the stove, and stir. Move to the next bowl, repeat and rinse (oh, sorry that's a shampoo recipe). Do not leave the hot stuff on the stove while you dally over the stirring or you'll burn it. Just move quickly and all will go well.

Once mixed you can pour it out onto cookies sheets to break it into pieces, or not. Depends on how you feel about more dirty dishes. Find containers with lids because this stuff will lose the crispness and turn soft if it's left out.

It's ready to eat immediately. If you got the color right, it'll be a nice crispy carmel, and if it's too chewy, you'll know to let it get darker next time.

Caveat: If you used Maltitol or other sugar alcohol, they can cause digestive upset in certain individuals when eaten to excess. Use this "feature" as a means to portion control. Unless you overeat them, you're not likely to suffer any consequences. Just trust me on this and do not overeat sugar alcohols. I can eat one or two cereal bowls full with no ill effects. You be the judge of what's a good amount for you.

The above is an example of what type of message I sent in the Daily Bites; where you can learn how to use EFT for these and other issues that may be hampering your weight loss efforts. Read my weight loss articles - you'll find lots of ideas and suggestions there too

Learn to use EFT for Weight Loss

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