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How to Build a Home Gym
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Gym Membership vs. Home Gym

First, consider the cost of a gym membership. In my town, the nearest gym is Power House Fitness. It's currently about $35 a month for a single membership, and half the people I know initially sign up the whole family, "It'll be great! We'll get in shape." Sure you will. Once you join, if you manage to get back for your "introductory session" that's a miracle, and to continue to go, week after week, day after day, seems such a stretch it's not funny. Gyms hope you don't return. If all the members actually used the facilities, they'd go out of business because it would be too crowded.

$35 a month X 12 months = $420 a year, and that's just for one person! Family members are usually closer to $50 or more. At $50 a month you're looking at $600 a year and now we're talking a budget for home gym equipment. That same $600 could buy you a decent starter gym setup. (I'm not saying don't join a gym, just consider the options).

Basic Home Gym

I've posted some photos of my home gym. Nothing fancy - just a basic, home gym set up. I've had the equipment in a spare bedroom and now I have a larger space in the basement, but you don't need lots of room. I had my workout equipment in the living room - which I highly recommend, especially if you don't use that space anyway. If I can workout on the deck of a 32' sailboat you can do it in your tiny apartment.

You'll want to cover the basics: 1) Something for resistance such as dumbbells, and 2) barbells are great too if you have the space. If not, just start with a small set of dumbbells or a set of Powerblocks. Check out the links below for equipment. Remember, this stuff is heavy so whether you buy online or in a store, they'll deliver to your door.

Who will be using the equipment? I'm the weakest in my house and my weights are plenty for me, but my son, 17, is outgrowing the weights as is my husband. They both could use a set up to about 300 lbs. so keep in mind if it will be only a female or only a male or both, that makes a difference in how much weight you and your equipment can handle. Powerblocks which I linked to above are a great way to get a lot of weight for little cost. Individual dumbbells are much more expensive.

Aerobics? If you can, get yourself something to do aerobics on such as an exercise bike, rowing machine, or elliptical machine. Running is great too, if you can run and like to run, just put on some good shoes and go for it.

Toss out the crazy notion that living rooms are for nothing but sitting around with company and use that space for your gym equipment. I know one family who has their living set up with a big pool table in the center and exercise equipment along the sides and it's a blast to go over there! No couches and end tables in sight. Think outside the box.

Get Quality Equipment for Home Gym More Likely to Use it

If you can only get one piece of equipment, start with what you think you will use the most. For me, I bought my bike first - I wanted a bike because I was starting to ride the bike in the gym for longer and longer periods of time and I didn't want to stay at the gym for a couple of hours at a time. I wanted to be able to do aerobics at home.

I originally spent $550 for my bike, but that was nearly 20 years ago! That bike is still going strong. Good equipment will last a lifetime - don't be afraid to buy quality and whatever you do, don't buy junk. If your equipment is junk, you won't end up using it. Poor quality equipment is unstable, prone to breakage, and is dangerous. Leave the $29 weight bench for a clothes hanger and get some real equipment. Check your newspaper. There are always people finally selling the equipment they bought and never used. Don't be one of them though! If you buy equipment, make a commitment to use it.

If you have issues with food and eating, learn to remove those obstacles to weight loss success in the privacy of your own home.

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