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My Home Gym
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Extraordinarily Cool Home Gym

Wow! You'll be so jealous you won't know what to do with yourself when you get an eyeful of my incredibly tricked out home gym. You should be so lucky as to have an awesome set of equipment. Obviously, I'm kidding. The weight machine was around $800 - bought a few years ago instead of rejoining the gym. My bike, a Schwinn Air dyne, was $550 in the late 1980's and I think they are still priced about the same. The 110 pound weight set was less than $100 and you can find them even cheaper used. The step bench couldn't have cost much because I was poor when I bought it.

Bear in mind, it's taken me decades to amass this amazing collection of serious gym equipment, LOL. What started as one pair of 2 lb. dumbbells has now grown to the magnificent proportions you see below. [Update: New photos of my home gym 2006 are below.] Nice decorator touch with the Arnold poster too, if I do say so myself.

My Home Gym 2004 home gym

Exercise bike

How I look today Check my 2005 video, "Week 1" at I posted it as a joke. The joke is: there's never a Week 2. Sound familiar?

Procrastination can really make things harder. Just one day at a time, and eventually I'll get to week 2. LOL

If I were a movie star they'd claim I was pregnant because of that friggen "tummy bulge." Crazy times.


Here I am on April 30th, 2004 doing a amateur bathroom shot and wearing my usual uniform. I make no apologies for my bleak appearance, no makeup, and no effort at better posture or "sucking it in" to improve the shot.

You can take before and after pictures on the same day. Posture and how you pose can make a dramatic difference. Try it yourself. First stand slouched over, stick your gut out, throw your shoulders forward. My what a pretty picture that would make, right? Now, stand up nice and straight, pull those shoulders back, pull in those ab muscles, and Wow! what a difference it can make. That's a trick they use in many weight loss magazines showing before/after pictures. If you look closely you can tell when they've done this. Especially check the hair lengeth and style. If they are identical, likely they took the pictures on the same day but made the model stand better and used better lighting.

I'm 47-years old in these photos, so this is my proof of the result of consistent exercise and a basically "clean" diet. I say basically because if you read The Daily Bites, you know I'm no longer living like Ms. Fitness but I have figured out this "how to stay in shape and live a real life" lifestyle. I don't suggest anyone follow a plan that I don't do myself.

Update: Fast forward, it's now late 2006. The gym has expanded, recently I added a Gravitron (yipee!) so I could do assisted pull-ups, and a leg press. The Olympic Bench Press was actually added right about the time I took the other photos.

My Home Gym 2006
Looks a bit messier now too

Awesome! Check out my Gravitron (back corner) and Leg Press!
Snagged them on Portland's CraigsList

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Use whatever space you have, whether it's a room in the basement, or a space in your narrow hallway. Even body weight exercises on the floor (no equipment needed) is better than nothing. Wanting exercise equipment is fine, but not having a fully loaded home gym isn't a good excuse for never getting started. Now, compare the pics taken in September 2006 to those in March 2004 and you can see how slowly you accumulate more and more equipment until one day you too have a fabulous home gym.

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