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NLP & EFT for Weight Loss: How to Learn EFT for Weight Loss

Why Learn EFT for Weight Loss

Because EFT is so easy to learn and so effective, I use it as a foundational approach in my weight loss work. Once you learn the technique you can use EFT on your own, to achieve release and freedom from old hurts, traumas, memories, conflicting desires, compulsions, habits, and more.

I use EFT daily. Whenever I realize I'm doing something that I'd rather not do (habits), or when I notice a recurring thought or emotion I'd prefer not to feel, I do a quick round of EFT and it usually works to either eliminate the problem or at least significantly reduce it. A round of EFT takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Much of my work involving weight loss centers around the emotional aspects and doesn't directly address weight or food at all. Why we do what we don't want to do, why we reach for seconds when we're already full, why we can't seem to stop ourselves despite wanting to very badly. All of these are concerns are emotionally based, and can be helped with EFT.

EFT helps give you the control you desire. You can learn EFT in many ways. It is easy to learn and easy to use, which is why I'm so excited about it.

Subscribe to the free Daily Bites (sent two to three times per week), then using your own issues as examples, you'll see first-hand how effective this technique can be.

OR visit, the site that started the EFT explosion. Many case studies, explanations, and more, plus a free book. If you want more materials you'll find many outstanding manuals on the Weight Loss Tools page.

I'll be putting more and more EFT suggestions in The Daily Bites in the form of the set-up phrase and reminder phrase for some specific issue. For example:

Set-up Phrase: "Even though I don't believe I'll ever lose this weight, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Shortened Phrase: "Don't Believe"

Wait! That's not a positive affirmation!

How will that work? Won't that make me get what I don't want? I'm confused... Common questions and easily answered when you review the materials and/or take a class. By thinking of the issue while doing the tapping, you are effectively interrupting that old established neuro-pathway. The next time you think of the same issue, you'll notice the disturbance is either gone completely or greatly diminished.

This is how EFT and NLP can be so effective in the case of traumas and phobias (great fears). Thinking of the feared thing, while tapping, diffuses the emotional intensity and attachment -- effectively destroying that old pathway. You'll still be able to recall the event, but you won't have the emotional reaction anymore, at least not in the same intensity, and if you work it through the end, you'll be able to achieve peace.

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