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Deciding to Change is Easy. Making a Change is ...


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How Change Happens

Making Change Happen

Change Happens in Stages

  • Contemplation (thinking about making a change)
  • Preparation (seeking a plan)
  • Action (applying plan)
  • Maintenance (review and fine tuning of plan)

These stages are usually made by one step forward, two steps back, two steps forward, another step back, and so on. It is a process; something you live, not something you buy at the store. It's not something you do differently for a short while, like a weekend diet, and then back to the real you.

Stages of Change

If you're reading this you are likely either in the Contemplation or Preparation stage. If you are in Contemplation, then you are thinking about doing something differently, or you are actively seeking ways to accomplish what you want.

It's not unusual to resolve every morning that, "Today will be different," and then watch as today is the same as yesterday and the day before that. You might desire change, but make no steps toward actually making that change. It's not unusual to do exactly what we say we don't want to do; i.e. overeat, remaining in Contemplation for a very long time. Some people never move out of Contemplation.

Quick Fix

Most people want a quick fix, an easy way to solve their problems without actually having to make any real change themselves. This is why pills, shots, stomach stapling, bypass operations, and drastic reduction diets are so popular.

Going on a "diet" seems like you're taking action, in fact you're taking drastic action, but you don't get fit by exercising once and then saying, "I'm glad that's over." These quick fix approaches are doomed to fail because you're a human being, not a broken bicycle that can be fixed. You get fit by incorporating regular movement into your daily life.

If no lifestyle change is taking place, no new, healthier habits are being formed, then the only realistic expectation you can have is that you will regain the weight and your efforts have been for nothing. This is such a difficult concept to accept because you can lose plenty of weight on a fad diet, but losing weight alone isn't the goal, keeping the weight off is the goal.

Studies on weight loss programs don't look at the long-term results, but focus only on the short-term. They report the average number of pounds lost during the study. Who cares? I want to know how many people kept the weight off once the study ended. Less than 2% is reported, and that may even be too high. They don't pursue those statistics because it would expose the studies for what they are, worthless shams.

Laws of Change

The OneMoreBite-Weight Loss approach follows three basic principals of change:

  1. You must want to change,
  2. You must know how to change, (have a plan)
  3. You must give it a chance (time, effort).

We begin with your desire (Contemplation), move into the "know how" (Preparation) and finally to the implementation (Action) of a specific plan. While giving your plan and yourself a chance to succeed (Maintenance), you'll be making small, lasting changes that will move you from where you are now to where you want to be. It can seem quite effortless, while in fact you are making lifetime changes and obtaining the real results you want. This is the OneMoreBite approach. Are you ready for it?

Following through with your plan of change is the final step toward making lasting change. You can have everything lined up perfectly but if you do not follow-through, nothing happens. And when you are ready, let's move into the next step, discovery what you really want with your well formed outcome.

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