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Am I Bad?
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Right Now I'm Eating my Second Cinnamon Roll

My first cinnamon roll was breakfast, so I guess this one is lunch. Earlier today I had a handful of Nestle Crunch eggs. Most people struggle at Christmas but for me it's Easter time that gets my sweet tooth going. They bring out the bags of colorful egg shaped treats on February 15th, and Easter's not until late April so we're talking nearly two full months of making an effort to avoid eating too many of those Nestle Crunch eggs. Yesterday after I'd already bought some cinnamon rolls, I was still thinking of stopping at the mall for more. Some days are just like that.

Does this make me bad? People look at me and ask, "won't you get fat eating like that?" or "You're lucky, you can eat that stuff and not gain weight." Sure, if I ate like this every day, I'd gain weight, but I don't eat like this every day - only once in awhile, in fact pretty rarely. Whenever I do get "in the mood" I'll buy far more treats than I'll actually eat. It's been a very long time since I ate nothing but sweets all day. It doesn't mean anything, except perhaps I just need a sweets day. I'm just doing what feels natural to me, and it won't affect my weight one bit.

I've been down this road before and I know if I eat like a crazy person for a day or two it won't matter in the greater scheme of things, but if I start eating like this on a regular basis, then I'll gain weight. The non-dieting approach doesn't mean eating everything in sight with wild abandon. It mean making choices.

There is no Good or Bad Food, only Good or Bad Habits

I don't subscribe to the good food/bad food mentality. All food is good. Obviously some foods are more healthful, some are even fake (what is Velveta cheese anyway?), but that doesn't make them bad. I'm not a bad person because of what I eat or don't eat.

Break the Habit of Labeling Foods as Good or Bad

To break the good food/bad food habit, and to stop scolding yourself like your a naughty child, start by using basic EFT on yourself and tackling the toughest issue, your self esteem.

You deserve to be happy, and you deserve to treat yourself. It's okay.

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