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How to Save Money and Lose Weight
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"Your Eyes are Bigger Than Your Stomach"

"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach," mom said, which meant, "No, you can't have a milkshake." She didn't think my appetite was large enough to finish all that food, and at 10-years old, she was probably right. Her motivation had less to do with my not eating it all, and more to do with the cost of the meal and the waste of money if I left some food uneaten. I remember thinking, "Who cares if I don't eat it all, I just want a milkshake!"

Super Size Costs More than Extra Money

Now restaurants encourage us to order up, by pricing the larger size only slightly higher than the small. On the face of that logic, why not Super Size? It seems to be a better value, and then we gobble it all down, because, after all, we paid for it so we want to get our money's worth.

The majority of the cost of the restaurant meal is in the preparation and serving, not in the food. It costs pennies for the syrup in your drink, but the cost can be $1.50 or more. A small order of fries costs nearly the same as a large to prepare. Ordering the ultra huge super duper size costs the company a few more pennies. That's why the pricing makes sense for the restaurant. Convince the public they are getting good value, by offering bigger servings for only slightly more money, and they will most likely order the larger size, which is exactly what has occurred.

Consider the cost of Super sizing:

  • 3 fast-food meals per week X .79 cents = $2.37 per wk.
  • 3 person family X $2.37 = $7.11 in additional expense per week
  • $7.11 X 52 weeks/yr. = $369.72

Nearly $370 per year extra expense just by saying, "Super size it."

If you don't want to give up your fast-food habit, try changing back to a regular order and leave the super sizing alone.

Take a look at your regular eating and drinking habits, especially away from home, and see where you can make some changes that will both save you money, and help you lose weight at the same time. Super sizing is only a good value for the fast-food outlet, not for you or your waistline.

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