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Does Reducing Your Appetite Help You Lose Weight?
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EFT for Appetite: I'm Always Hungry

Do you stop eating when you're full? How about satisfied? Do you know the difference between "full" and "satisfied"? Do you feel like you're always hungry?

If you don't already have a clear understanding of your hunger signals and stop eating when you've had enough, then no appetite reduction technique will help. If you overeat or eat far past "full," you probably aren't paying attention to your hunger signals.

Tame a Runaway Appetite by Paying Attention

Appetite reduction techniques can help you learn to pay closer attention but that willingness to learn must come first. Are you willing? That means when you've had enough you push the plate away, rather than keep eating because there's more on the plate.

If you can't seem to stop eating until the food is all gone, maybe you still belong to the "clean your plate" club? You can combat that with a little EFT,

  • Even though I have to eat it all, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.
  • Even though I don't think I can stand it if I don't eat it all, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Reducing Your Appetite Does Not Eliminate It

When something says it will reduce your appetite that doesn't mean it will eliminate it. A lack of appetite is not healthy. A reduced appetite simply means you should notice the obvious signals that you have had enough; you may simply not want to take another bite.

Next time you hear of a product that will reduce your appetite, remember that means just that you won't be as hungry or perhaps you will feel satisfied sooner but whether you listen to those signals and act appropriately is still up to you.

In week 5 of the Ending Emotional Eating workshop we learn how to listen to your hunger signals.

If you are paying attention, then appetite reduction can be helpful, because it gives just the right amount of nudge to help with portion control. Many times we eat more than we need because we've just always done so. Learning to be satisfied with a bit less isn't as easy as it sounds because the mere idea of deprivation gets involved.

So to combat runaway appetite, put the two together: Learn to listen to your hunger signals and combine it with appetite reduction tricks for the best results. The Ending Emotional Eating Workshop covers appetite and hunger issues in Session 5. The key is being willing to put conscious effort and attention on the task for at least a week.

I've used various appetite reduction techniques over the years. Most are useful but again, if you ignore hunger signals then get that in gear first, then add the appetite tricks.

Learn EFT for your issues with food and eating. Click the link for Classes & Workshops for more details about the 8-Week OneMoreBite Approach Workshop and Weight Loss Coaching.

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