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Pimp my Burger: Giant Burgers
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Food Rule: Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

Porn Burger Frankly, this burger looks like it's alive. It's licking it's lips at you, daring you to eat it. Very creepy.

These pictures tell the story. Man versus burger. The quest for enormous food continues. To think that people are going hungry in this country. It baffles the mind.

There is a certain erotic appeal to a man who goes at his food with such gusto!

Click for larger images, if you dare.
3 Burger Eating Guys
These guys are having no problem.
Best Burger of Show
Looks like a proud papa.
Hello Sandwich
I swear, it looks like he's introducing himself to this burger. Hi, Mr. Burger.
I'm Joe, and I'm going to eat you now.
Man vs. Burger
Where'd that pickle crown come from? Don't hurt yourself, now big fella.
Biggest Burger
This guy is a dreamer, big time.
College and Burgers
Plate-sized almost seems
small now, doesn't it?

Yes, apparently I'm obsessed with giant burgers. So sue me. If you eat one of these a year, you're okay. Eat them every week and you're gonna be a bigger person in no time. Read the story of how I stopped eating cheese burgers and fries every week and lost weight and how you can learn to indulge less frequently, yet still enjoy. Notice, none of our burger eaters are overweight?

Learn EFT for your issues with food and eating. See Classes & Workshops for more details about One More Bite's 8-Week Online EFT & NLP Weight Loss Course and Weight Loss Coaching.

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