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Diet Weight Loss Patches: Worthwhile or Worthless
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Diet & Weight Loss Patches Making a Come Back

Diet patches are nothing new. I remember they tried to bring diet patches to the public once before (maybe more than once) yet they quickly disappeared because people hadn't learned that the patch is a viable way to deliver medication. Now that we're more familiar with using patches here comes another wave of these products. I was told I'd made a mistake in my blog, The Slimming Pool where I incorrectly stated Bladderwrack is a diuretic and I corrected that post. (So sorry, and thanks for pointing out the error). Bladderwrack is not a diuretic, rather it is used for low thyroid and goiter as it has a high iodine content (all edible seaweeds have high iodine content). I still stand strong in my statement that weight loss patches do not work.

The weight loss patches I've seen have Fucus Vesiculosus (bladderwrack), a type of seaweed as the primary ingredient. Bladderwrack is a useful herb, but using it for weight loss is as stretch. Many patches also contain Guarana, a stimulant herb, and Garcinia described here at

In the early 1980s my husband and I owned a natural foods store called Bushel & Peck Produce. I became interested in herbology and studied herbs, specifically those used for obesity and weight loss. I experimented with making my own capsules and tinctures using herbs such as guarana, fennel seed powder, cayenne powder, chickweed, and others but never in any of the herbals I read was bladderwrack suggested. I read many books including the teachings of Dr. John R. Christopher and took a Master Herbalism course by Michael Tierra. My point is simply that this herb is not the first choice for weight loss, but rather a good choice if you suffer from a low thyroid.

These patches continue to promote that you need not diet or exercise to lose weight but rather just slap on a patch. This is nonsense. It's unlawful to make these false claims but that does not stop the unscrupulous from developing a bogus weight loss pill or patch, advertising it heavily, reaping the profits and then paying the puny fines. These companies literally make millions during the time they are illegally selling worthless products.

My main problem with patches is they cannot contain enough useful ingredients to be of any value. One site states, "Garcinia cambogia is said to be useful as a weight loss aid. Studies at Brandies University ... showed positively that HCA helps curb appetite, and reducing (sic) food intake... Hoffman La-Roche found that HCA does ... inhibit fat production and helps suppress the appetite. A standard dosage of Garcinia cambogia should have 500 mg of HCA, to be taken 3 times a day, 30 to 60 minutes before each meal along with plenty of water."

Next, they list the amount of Garcinia in their patch:

"Amount Per Herbal Diet Pad Application (Proprietary Blend) Note: what's so proprietary about this blend?
Fucus Vesiculosus.....10mg
Garcinia Cambogia.....2mg

Okay, so if they say you should have 500 mg. three times a day, yet their patch contains only 2 mg of Garcinia then that seems to be missing the dosage mark by a wide margin. In fact, there's no way to prove how much is in each patch anyway. Anyone with verifiable research to prove me wrong, send it my way. I'm happy to take a look.

Supplement Watch Article: More on Garcinia
Note this article also states a typical dose would be 750-1500 mg of Garcinia cambogia, (standardized for at least 50% HCA) taken in 2-3 divided doses about 30-60 minutes before eating. Again, didn't they state there is 2 mg in each patch? Someone needs to tell these folks their patch doesn't measure up.

Of course it's easy to see why they usually don't mention how much is there: people like me make a bunch of noise and point out how it's not enough to have any effect whatsoever.

The only thing guaranteed to get thinner is your wallet. These companies generally come and go pretty quickly, but not nearly fast enough to save thousands of people from wasting their hard earned money on these useless products. For instance, in 2003 FDA sued "Peel Away the Pounds," who then agreed to pay over one million in damages for making false and unsubstantiated weight loss claims.

Diet Patch Inc. out of Nevada was successfully sued and put out of business for luring potential consumers with "magic" weight loss claims and "free trial" offers advertised on its Web site then fraudulently billing consumers for hundreds of dollars of unwanted and ineffective weight loss products.

It was reported December 2004 that Canadian consumers will no longer be subjected to false claims about the Zyapex and Dyapex Diet Patches from Performance Marketing Ltd., as part of a consent agreement registered with the Competition Tribunal, Performance Marketing has agreed to refund consumers the full value of the diet patches.

Yet these companies do business, and make millions of dollars (your dollars). The best way to fight back is with your wallet and simply refuse to believe the magic of a pill or potion. Supplements can help but they don't do it all; you must also make some changes in what or how you eat, whether you exercise, and be consistent in these changes, and then the magic happens.

The FTC's: Weighing the Evidence in Diet Ads

If the product promises you don't have to make any changes in what you eat, or how you exercise, they are lying and it's obviously a fraud. Just say no to these ridiculous claims.

Where to Buy Bulk Herbs

Good explanation of Bladderwrack

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