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Why we Overeat and How to Stop
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Why We Crave Certain Foods at Certain Times

Cravings are a natural way our brains communicate that we need certain nutrients, but it is easy to misread these cues and believe we are craving snack foods instead of real (natural) foods. For optimum health and we require many different nutrients, some of which are obtained from food, some from the sun (Vitamin D), some are manufactured within our bodies. It would be a simple matter to get enough nutrients except for one thing: the overprocessing of foods and the vast reliance on these nutrient devoid foods as our staple diet.

Many Eat Fast Food Six Days a Week

So many of our foods are devoid of naturally occuring nutritients, stripped away in the processing (after all, that is what creates spoilage -- real food goes bad) and covered in a chemical soup of flavorings and colorings that we have confused our minds into believing we want cookies instead of carrots.

A very popular diet book author states that "Apples are not more nutritious than McDonald's hamburgers. Both contain some good food and some bad." His theory is that apples contain sugar and that is bad. Nevermind it is a natural occuring sugar and good for the body as designed by nature. If he says it's bad, it must be bad.

That is simply ignorant and faulty thinking. Apples contain many beneficial nutrients including pectin, bioflavonoids, Vitamin C, and others which are life sustaining, and beneficial to your health. Fried burgers do not provide anything but calories, saturated fat, and possible carcinogens. Considering the two foods side-by-side to be equal is ridiculous.

McDonalds hamburgers (or any fast foods) are fine for an occasional treat (if you consider that a treat) but should not be relied on as a staple of your diet. Turn around the equation, eat healthfully the majority of the time and occasionally have fast foods. You'll lose weight by adopting that one strategy.

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