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Photography Tricks to Make Yourself Look Slimmer

NLP Future Pace: Will You Like a Smaller You?

See How You'll Look if You Lose 10 or 20 Pounds

The "Before Instant Weight Loss"

After Instant Weight Loss

Personally I don't think there's anything "wrong" with the before picture, but a side-angle shot is perfect for alteration. Use to alter your own photographs to see how you'd look if you lost a bit of weight. Here's how:

1. Sign up, it's instant and easy.

2. Upload a photo (the less background noise the better).

3. Hold your mouse over your uploaded image and a dialog box with several choices appears. Choose "Flex Photo" to get to the editing menus.

4. To decrease size go to "Distort." Then play with Squish or Pinch. After awhile you'll get the hang of it.

Have fun with it, and send me a link to any photos you create so we can share.

If anyone learn to "lift" parts, let me know. :-)

OMG, how'd you do that? Easy. Try

Get Comfortable with the Idea of a Smaller You

Sometimes after losing some weight and seeing ourselves getting smaller we go a little nuts. Suddenly getting hungry, eating like crazy, and basically doing everything we can to "get back to normal." This is a typical response to seeing yourself differently than you think you really are. It may challenge your internal beliefs about your identity and who you really are.

Rather than fight yourself, get focused on what you'll see when you do lose just 10 or 20 pounds. If you have less to lose, focus on five pounds, it doesn't matter, but until you really can imagine yourself thinner, and see yourself walking around and interacting thinner, you won't stay thinner. Your subconsious will do anything to get you back to what it perceives as "the real you."

Using photographs of yourself just slightly smaler can be helpful. So can visualizing yourself smaller, or even getting used to seeing a smaller number on the bathroom scale. Try pasting a piece of paper over the bathroom scale numbers, that has the number you'd like to see soon. Not your goal number, unless it's within five pounds, rather use something just 10 or 20 pounds away. Get used to seeing that number. Get familiar with it. Let your identity shift slowly and you'll find it easier to slip into that new skin.

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