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One More Bite's EFT & NLP
Weight Loss Program

Your Private 2-Day Retreat

Do You Honestly Believe You've Done Everything You Possibly Can To Lose Weight?

Kathryn Martyn Weight Loss Coach

I know, you've tried. Diets, food plans, and endless pain all for nothing but more suffering as you watched the pounds come right back, time after time. Until now, no weight loss program told you the secret to successful weight loss.

Announcing: 2-Day Accelerated EFT for Weight Loss

This 2-day live event, "One More Bite's Accelerated EFT for Weight Loss" will take you step-by-step through the complete course materials in the online Ending Emotional Eating 8-week program. But that's just the start...

At the conclusion of this weekend you'll begin the online 8-week course with a new motivation! With experience you've gained you'll be ready to follow-through and start using these techniques and tools on your own issues. You'll already know which tools to use when, and you'll be feeling confident, knowing those former "big deal" obstacles are now just little bumps in the road.

One More Bite EFT Weight Loss ProgramYou'll get hands-on experience as Kathryn demonstrates the techniques she uses to maintain her 80 pound weight loss. You'll see, hear, and feel exactly what to do so at the end of the workshop you'll be ready. Wouldn't you love to know how to lose your weight forever and have your weight problems solved once and for all? If you're sick and tired of endless diets and suffering that get you nowhere, keep reading ...

This is the only complete A to Z, soup to nuts, start-to-finish weight loss program that incorporates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to tackle those pesky emotional issues, and face it, everything we do is based on our emotional state at the time.

You Know Diets Don't Work but No One Ever Tells You What Does Work. Kathryn's Not Only Going to Tell You, She's Going to Show You

Emotions aren't just about tears and hysterics, they're also about anxiety and sadness, grief and pain, bosses that don't understand, spouses who won't help around the house and children who won't talk to us. Our lives are a huge bundle of mixed-up emotions and EFT + NLP can help you unravel and untangle your years of baggage.

Harness the Power of EFT to Help you Lose Weight, and Stop Self Sabotage

Weight Loss Before After
  These before/after weight loss pictures show Kathryn's dramatic weight loss in less than one year.  

You're smart and successful yet weight loss eludes you. It doesn't make sense but sadly it's the truth. Just think, in only two days you'll have a complete toolkit, you'll know what to do and when to do it, and you'll know how to master your weight and health.

The average dieter gains back all the weight they lost within one year ... but that doesn't have to be you, not any more.

Even after diet pills, fancy programs and thousands of dollars spent at trendy health spas or weight loss programs, you still find yourself rushing back to old habits like into a lover's arms. Sadly, it's our "usual habits" that got us into trouble in the first place.

Imagine an old friend just called. If you're thinking, "I'm too fat, I can't let her see me like this," as anxiety mounts, you're being ruled by your emotions. Your impulse to calm yourself with food is a habit and as compelling as habits may be they can be changed. It's far easier than you may think. With EFT and NLP exercises created specifically for weight loss, you can take back control of your destiny.

Kathryn, I've heard enough. Just show me everything I get now.

Join the Ranks of the
Happily Thinner Winners ...

It's easy if you follow my time-tested 8-Week Program, One More Bite's EFT System for Weight Loss Success. What you can expect after this weekend:

  • You'll stop worrying about your health and whether you'll be there for your children
  • You'll no longer be ashamed to be seen in a bathing suit
  • You'll feel proud and confident as you should because you are beautiful!
  • You'll learn what and how to get back in shape, gain health, energy, and the strength to get up off your chair and back into the fun of life

The bad news, as you already know is the motivation to change your eating habits disappears like pizza in a roomful of teenagers. It's all too easy to identify with our "fat selves" and feel miserably uncomfortable whenever we try to lose weight. That's how your brain is wired, it doesn't like change, and that's why you need to use EFT to resolve the temporary discomfort while you make positive changes. Avoid feeling like your losing the battle with yourself with the Accelerated EFT Weight Loss Program.

Get Motivated and Most Importantly, Stay Motivated

  • even if you're a busy professional
  • even if you have six kids pulling you in 12 directions
  • even if you think you don't have time
  • even if you believe nothing works for you

all this after just two days? Yes, plus follow-up, accountability and community. You'll make friends, and be able to contact Kathryn via email at any time after the workshop (no matter which option you choose, unlimited email is included) with questions or just need of support now and then.

No weight loss program can succeed without effort. I teach baby steps, trying on change for size, deciding what you like or don't like and learning to live the lifestyle you prefer while still enjoying the goodies! Responsible indulgence (TM) means you get to eat what everyone else eats, but you'll discover how much is enough, and why you don't have to eat it all right now. The best part is you don't feel crazed or out-of-control, you just feel like a normal person who doesn't have a weight problem.

This 2-Day Retreat is Only the Beginning

You will know how to use EFT for your issues, then explore your personal motivation strategy to help you stay on track, plus those key exercises taken from the 8-week, Ending Emotional Eating course that will work best for you. The best part, this 2-day weekend is the first step but Kathryn will be there for you the rest of the way too.

Starting Monday, March 31, 2008 you'll begin the 8-week online course from Day 1, week-by-week with support from Kathryn every step of the way. Together we'll create a program that fits YOUR lifestyle, includes YOUR preferences and works just for YOU. For past clients, this 2-Day one-on-one will give you the insights you need to put it all together.

My name is Kathryn Martyn Smith. I'm a Master NLP Practitioner, EFT practitioner and EFT Weight Loss Coach, member of the National Weight Loss Registry, a Trainer, Speaker and Author of "Changing Beliefs Your First Steps to Permanent Weight Loss." For over two decades, I have helped hundreds of people get past their emotional obstacles and lose the weight they've been struggling to lose their entire lives. People from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers, therapists, executives, housewives and everyone in between. Learn more about me here (opens in new window)

Are you Afraid of Trying to Lose Weight
and Failing Once Again? 

Would you be surprised to know those are the two most common fears about weight loss?

If you've tried and failed to lose weight before, it's no surprise you'd be afraid to take one more chance, or believe just one more time. Common fears include

  • Not wanting to be noticed (or becoming too attractive and threatening your current relationships
  • Fear of failing again ("I just can't handle failing one more time")
  • Fear of losing your personal power (the protective layer that being "larger" provides)

You're not alone. I have years of success helping people just like you learn to easily navigate the emotional triggers that send you flying toward the kitchen or the closest restaurant. If you keep saying, "I'm going to start my diet on Monday," you need this workshop. If you don't want to give up your protection or your afraid of what may be on the other side of your weight issues, this workshop is for you.

At the 2-day Accelerated EFT Weight Loss Program retreat Kathryn will guide you past your obstacles and toward the weight loss success you want. Until now, I have offered the 8-week Ending Emotional Eating Course only online. To answer the demand for a more intensive, personal program, I've created the 2-day Accelerated Program for Weight Loss Success.

Learn Simple Technique to Overcome Overeating

Overcoming overeating isn't the same as overcoming other bad habits or even addictions such as alcohol or smoking. You cannot simply stay away from the troubling substance since you have to eat. Instead by practicing the One More Bite program for weight loss you will learn:

  • How to change your food preferences so more of your favorites will also be healthy choices
  • To feel more satisfied every time you eat
  • How to make painless lifestyle changes
  • How to identify and then use your motivation strategy to change your eating habits
  • What emotional eating means and how to eliminate its effect on you
  • Ways to improve your body-image and self-image
  • How to remove the trauma from food shopping

Problem No. 1 with Weight Loss Diets:
Results Don't Last

What's the main problem with every weight loss diet? They are a temporary fix at best, since results never last. And why don't the results last? Simply because your body is a product of your lifestyle. Temporarily changing your behavior (dieting) and then returning to your usual habits will obviously put you right back where you started (or worse). Only by changing your daily habits will you permanently change, and if that isn't what you want to hear, then you're not ready for permanent weight loss.

Why torture yourself time and again by severely cutting back or eliminating entire food groups, or worse suffering through semi-starvation diets (less than 1000 calories), refusing to eat foods you love (I'll never eat cake again), or experiencing intense hunger pains (a completely natural bodily response to starvation)? There's a better way and you can learn it in three days.

Have You These Symptoms of Emotional Eating?

Do you sometimes overeat because:

  • You were never accepted for who you are?
  • You can't eat like other people?
  • You mother criticized you for being overweight?
  • You feel more comfortable staying overweight?
  • You feel deprived if you don't overeat?
  • You just can't get full?

These are all emotional reasons to eat based on feelings or beliefs, rather than hunger. Real hunger is a biological need for nourishment. Without this built-in need, many would die from malnutrition or starvation simply because they wouldn't eat enough nourishing foods, but, here's the rub: With our over-abundant food supply, many of us have learned to eat for reasons other than hunger consequently we're overfed, over fat and yet dangerously under nourished.

Lose Weight and Keep it Off EFT Weight Loss programThis weekend (Sat/Sun) will be so jam packed full of fun, exciting and emotionally rewarding mini-seminars your head will be spinning, but wait... there's more. After the Accelerated Quick Start weekend, you'll begin the 8-week program from Session 1. Then we'll work through the program together, and you'll already have the experience to make it better work for you. Together we'll work through any obstacles you uncover, as you discover them.

I bring all my 30 plus year experience and success history with my personal weight loss to teach you how to lose weight and get past the emotional issues that stand in your way.

Who Else Believes in the Power of EFT?

  • Eric Robins, MD co-author of Your Hands Can Heal You said, "I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."
  • Donna Eden Co-Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology, said, "EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school."
  • Norm Shealy, MD Author of Soul Medicine says,"Meridian-based therapies such as EFT...can have effects out of all proportion to their cost and complexity."
  • Cheryl Richardson, Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace says that "EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century"
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD Author of The Biology of Belief has this to say: "EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."
  • Deepak Chopra, MD said, "EFT offers great healing benefits."
  • Candace Pert, PhD, Author of Molecules of Emotion says "EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."
I think they're all correct.

Three of the biggest fallacies that prevent people from losing weight and keeping it off are,

  • They think they need a "diet"
  • The media conspires to make them want to quit the diet
  • I can't seem to control myself; there's nothing I can do

You Can Do it Once You Know the Proven Secrets to Losing Weight

Unless you already have lost all the weight you want, chances are I can help you get better results. I don't take on just anyone—I work with motivated people I feel certain I can help get their health back on track. I will turn away anyone who's not totally motivated to make a change for the better. Yes we all want to change our bodies but not change our lifestyles, but that's not totally realistic. I can show you how to incorporate the things you love into your lifestyle and still support ongoing weight loss, and when you reach it, weight loss maintenance. Only you know if you're ready to stop using your weight as an excuse and do something positive about it.

Remember, I've Been There. I Lost 80 Pounds and Have Kept it off for 20 Years

click for full-sized weight loss graph

This is the actual graph I used to track my 80 pound weight loss from late 1987 until mid 1988. The projected line was in pencil (lighter gray). It has ups, downs and sometimes straight across, yet the overall trend was steadily down.

The pace of your weight loss will depend on how strict you want to be. If you stop eating candy at your desk, you'll lose up to eight pounds in two months. If you pare down your fast food habit from five days a week to two, you'll lose another five or six pounds in a month. It all adds up, depending on the changes you make and how quickly you make them, but as we all know, trying to do it all at once isn't the best course. Learn how to make your changes slowly, and make them fit the lifestyle you love, and your weight loss will be permanent and pain free.

For Weight Loss with EFT Beginners: You'll get a broad overview of the entire 8-week course packed into two fun filled days. This is the only in-person workshop of its kind to give you the specific steps, plus you'll watch and hear me coach participants, and you'll leave with a game plan to get the weight loss results you want.

For Weight Loss with EFT Experienced: You've lost weight plenty of times, you just can't keep it off. You've dabbled with EFT and may have even taken my online course but you didn't follow through or didn't understand and got stuck. Even if you've taken the 8-week Ending Emotional Eating online home study course, you may have struggled with following through and still need in-person support. Up until now private coaching was your only option. Let me help you personally get past the obstacles, answer your questions and give you ideas into your specific issues to get that lasting weight loss you want.

Can it Really be This Easy to Lose Weight?

Yes it can. My approach, which I've honed for over a decade, is simply this: I believe you already possess the knowledge to overcome your diet/weight loss problems, but you don't know how to take action and put it all together. When people dread change, it's usually because they've had too many unhappy experiences in the past where they tried and failed. I work with you to resolve your personal issues (all without needing to say exactly what those issues may be), replace your self defeating self-talk with words of encouragement, and prepare you for not battle but cooperation with all your inner helpers (Part's Therapy explains this).

You'll discover your deepest core beliefs, and what's most important to you. Once you get to the source, the rest falls into place very quickly. Almost by magic, the whole process becomes easier, friendlier and a whole lot more fun!

Kathryn, Just Show me Everything I Get Now

Here Are Some Things Clients Have Said About My Online Ending Emotional Eating Workshop

"I'm so thrilled. Many of the things you said I've already begun to establish, change, incorporate into my lifestyle. Today after listening to my EFT tapes, I was amazed at how they work! I've got three friends that I plan to tell about OMB. "

Thanks so much for your service! How did I find you? I suppose it was prayer. I knew that I needed more than just another diet. In my search, I came across OMB -- what a treasure!

I plan to use more of the techniques that you have suggested in the sessions. I see change in me and it's good. I've got a ways to go, but what I'm currently experiencing because of the 'small changes' that I've is rewarding. Thank you for a great workshop. Sign me Grateful. ~L. Washington

I did another inventory of core beliefs and the number one thing from 3 weeks ago didn't even register. It was now one of the last. So things are changing for me. Compared to where I was then to where I am now, many of the top issues have moved to the bottom as well as the bottom moved to the top. Its amazing how EFT works!!" ~Vicki

"Something you said once really has stuck with me, the idea that I can give myself permission now and then to overeat. At least that's what I think you said! It's kind of revolutionary, instead of setting the goal that I'll never overeat again, setting a goal to overeat less often, knowing that the choice is still mine now and then." ~Barbara

I have some very positive news ... as of this AM, I have lost 5 1/2 pounds since we started working together. This is huge since I have been stalled for months. I am doing my EFT daily and am still working on my Parts Therapy lesson. Plenty to keep me busy.

My food is falling in line with the changes in my thoughts as a result of the EFT and somehow I have been able to keep my eating under control in a way that hasn't happened for me ever before. It is very exciting.

Later, "I have good news on the weight loss front. If you can believe it, I weighed in today and was down another 2.8 pounds from my weight before I left for vacation. That means that since I have been working with you, I have lost a total of 12 pounds. Total lost since last October is now around 25 pounds.

I have decided that my goal is one that relates to how I look and my size rather than my exact weight on the scale although I do like weighing myself weekly. ~Wendy S.

I'm really glad that I found you and your program. I weighed yesterday morning, having not weighed in a couple weeks, and I've lost 7 pounds! I haven't been "conscientiously dieting" so this gives me faith the EFT is working! I'm really starting to feel good about this ... thank you!" ~Workshop Participant

Your course was great. Funny, in about the sixth or seventh week, the weight started to come off and it's continuing to come off. It was like you knew what I needed to hear each week without my even asking.

Now I am eating most of the time for health, though I did not turn down wedding cake or birthday cake at special occasions that came up. I'm exercising, but not fanatically. I guess that's what I want to do--eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis but not be a fanatic.

I feel good and my size 14 jeans are now comfortable where they used to be tight. I think a healthy natural size for me would be around a size 8-10. I'd like to get there and stay there. Lots of the other techniques in your program really work. Thanks again. ~Melody B.

Why no full names, real addresses? Most of my clients feel this is a bit personal, as I'm sure you understand. Many web site's have testimonials that are purposely written to drive traffic to other websites. That is not the case here, so my clients have asked to remain anonymous.

Want to Learn to Lose Weight
and Have Fun Doing It...

Relax by the Lake, Enjoy Wonderful Food, Awesome Company & Learn Easy Way to Permanent Weight Loss Hidden Lake Retreat, Eagle Creek Oregon

Hidden Lake Retreat is a beautiful, serene and peaceful inn, kept by two lovely women who have put so much love and attention to detail into this oasis you'll think you're on another planet and never want to leave.

Saturday and Sunday, March 29 & 30, 2008:

  • Core Beliefs
  • Patterns & Habits
  • Resolving Conflicting Parts
  • Past Influences and Your Food Rules
  • Learning to Eat
  • Well Formed Outcomes (Figuring out what you really want and how to get it)
  • Choices
  • Putting it All Together

That's not all, we'll also be covering

  • How to get and stay motivated using the Lab Profile
  • Timelines. Rewrite personal history
  • NLP exercises including Circle of Excellence and The Swish
  • Future Pacing (try your proposed future on for size)
  • Self Talk 101
  • How to Reduce or Eliminate Cravings
  • Breaking Habits, Changing Patterns
  • Your motivation strategy and how to motivate yourself whenever you want
  • The proven formula for losing with without trauma
  • How to avoid major dieting mistakes that can make things worse
  • Techniques to master the one secret that puts you in charge of your destiny

Meals are lovingly prepared by the inns keepers, Judith Crop and Dr. Lauri Shainsky. We will be eating luscious foods, and there will be plenty of it; this isn't a weekend of deprivation by a long shot! I'll show how you can eat like a Queen and lose weight; you just need to learn when to take that second helping

Two Days to Weight Loss Success, Can it be True?

Yes, this is a lot to cram into one weekend which is why when you leave you're not done, you're just getting started: You are ready to embark on a six month or one-year journey toward your new self. Option personal sessions have us together once a month for as long as you like (commit to six months or one year; you know you're going to need it).

Imagine Having Kathryn as Your Personal Weight Loss Coach for up to a full-year!

You get much more than a 2-day workshop. You will also have unlimited access to me by phone or e-mail. Usually questions can be answered quickly in a phone call, or send e-mail at any time. This follow-up coaching and accountability is an crucial piece of the entire package and will make or break your success. You will be supported during your journey, the rest is up to you.

Throughout the weekend and beyond, you'll have the opportunity to communicate on my personal message board with past clients and others who have taken the 8-Week Ending Emotional Eating Course.

You can post your questions, comments, thoughts and challenges on the message board. This is a group-supported experience and you'll get the expertise of a diverse group of people with different skills that come from varying professions.

In addition, you'll receive the complete online 8-week Ending Emotional Eating printed and bound and private access to the online workshop. You'll progress quickly and easily along with assignments starting as soon as you get home, that will reinforce what you learned at the retreat. The 8-week course (included with the 2-day retreat) is self-paced so you can do as many sessions as you want at your own speed. I want you to come away with a solid foundation—one that will help you lose the weight, and get back your health in the shortest possible time.

Consider how much you've paid for weight loss programs that didn't work. How many times have you bought high-priced pre-packaged food, or followed printed diets saying what you could or could not eat. How about weight loss drugs that don't work unless you eat less and exercise? If you did that, you don't need the pills. If you're sick of the hype and want real weight loss, stop falling for false promises and learn what works.

Kathryn, Just Sign Me Up Now

What about Bonuses? Do I Get Any Bonuses?

Well, certainly, what kind of package would it be without bonuses?

  • 8-week Ending Emotional Eating course on CD ($99 value)
  • Printed 8-week Course Manual & pen ($59 value)
  • One private session with Kathryn during retreat ($150 value)
  • EFT DVD by Gary Craig ($49 value)
  • Recipes & Cooking Tips PDF Books ($29 value)
  • Kathryn's Famous Goodie Bag ($Priceless)
  • Membership in private area of The Back Fence ($99 value)

Total value of bonuses $485

We will have a masseuse available for any who choose to indulge (I know I will!) at a very reasonable price.

My Guarantee to You

I guarantee if you follow-through and do the exercises you will get results. I also guarantee that if you come to the retreat and do not love what you see, I will give you a full refund after lunch the first day (you would need to turn in your materials). I obviously cannot guarantee what you will do with what you learn. It's up to you to do the exercises and work with yourself to create the change you desire. I can guarantee you will have everything you need to start and finish your weight loss journey. You only need to decide, are you ready to end the struggle?

Yes, I'm Ready to Discover How to Break my Dieting Mentality, so What is my Investment?

One More Bite's 2-Day Accelerated
Weight Loss Program Plus Personal Coaching (6 or 12) Month
Coaching Support and Follow-up

This full package includes:

  • 2-Day Personal EFT Weight Loss Retreat
  • 8-Week Online Ending Emotional Eating program, on CD
  • Printed binder of 8-week Course Materials
  • Worksheets, templates, and all handouts
  • Membership Private Forum of The Back Fence
  • One hour private session during retreat
  • One (or more) private sessions after retreat *
  • Unlimited access to Kathryn for questions (phone or e-mail) after retreat *
  • Beautiful food and accommodations (three full meals plus snacks) for all participants
  • Bonuses with total value of $485 all included

This workshop was held previously. Details are available for future workshops.

After the retreat you may add private sessions at a special discounted rate, so if money is an issue, choose the Ala Carte option now.

Space is limited for overnight accommodations (shared accommodations). Hidden Lake Retreat in Eagle Creek, Oregon is about 45 minutes from the Portland Airport.

Stop the struggle and lose the weight forever, join us at Hidden Lake Retreat March 2008.

Using NLP & EFT to
End the Struggle With Weight Loss

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