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My Virtual Weight Loss

Go to (opens in new window) and create a virtual model of yourself. The site's purpose is for trying on clothes (and maybe hairstyles) but I'm using it for models of weight loss.

How I lost 80 Lbs

Here is a model of how I went from 218 to 140. Compare it to my real Before/After shots, and you'll see it's surprisingly close to reality. Your results may vary.

This is useful for getting a mental image of yourself at your goal weight, but I'd strongly suggest you do it incrementally. Give yourself goals you can obtain in one or two months so you can slowly have wins and keep yourself motivated. Frankly, I think these "models" look good at all the sizes ;-)

220 lbs. 190 lbs.
220 lb. 190 lb.
160 lbs 140 lbs
160 lb. 140 lb.

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