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Forever Young Health Club - Green Island, NY If you haven't been working out all your life or maybe you don't even have a clue as to how to put together a workout routine. Forever Young Health Club is for you, our specialty is beginners   
101 Bodybuilding The site for bodybuilder into Bodybuilding, learn the proper bodybuilding program to gain muscle mass   
2-fit health & fitness fitness equipment, weightlifting and diet information,free workout programs the best of tai chi, yoga, meditation and chi kung. breathe easier, breathe deeper with 4 minute fitness! devoted to information about, motivation toward, and participation in exercise and fitness while aging.   
Abs for Life All the Sports You Do! awesome health through nutrition and fitness activities   
Amazing Fitness Log Explode your results and reach amazing fitness with the Amazing Fitness Log!   
Athletic Women Celebrating the beauty and accomplishments of the athletic woman.   
blast your bench muscle building system teach you step by step how to increase your max bench press by 30, 40, 50, or even 60 pounds in only 3 weeks! this is a proven system that works.   
bodybasics national association for fitness certification training, certification, and continuing education for personal trainers, group/aerobics instructors, and wellness consultants   
What Is Bodybuilding   
Body Building Workout How to build muscle, fast and easily the largest and most complete bodybuilding site online!   
bodybuilding universe a world of bodybuilding & strength training knowledge   
Workout routines Free workout routines, weight loss information & articles.   
brinkzone bodybuilding author and musclemag columnist Will Brink with consultations, free articles, links, forum   
Build4Life A guide toward maximizing your health, gaining energy, burning off fat and building muscle. Feel better about yourself and achieve the look you desire enter the bench press contest and improve your health 11/15/03   
critical bench strength training advice and guidance   
designer bodies unlimited Stephen Hercy, weightlifting, bodybuilding and nutrition, muscle shaping.   
Discount Exercise Equipment Come see the amazing discount exercise equipment that will shape your body but won't break the bank   
Home Gym Equipment & Weights Ultimate dumbbell workout and adjustable home gym equipment. Dr. Keith Jeffery a revolutionary new approach   
Every Body Workout 426 workout programs in one place. is an international, comprehensive directory of workouts, methods, fitness systems, trends, programs, classes, and in addition it is a global online competition   
A Guide to Exercise Equipment Guide to exercise and fitness equipment   
Exercise Your Will Power Articles, recipes and newsletter about using fitness for weight loss goals Lori Victoria Braun presents - largest; bodybuilding site on the planet fitness classes in montreal, also choreography, vidoes, song databases, fitness forum, articles and training tips.   
Fitness and Kids Children's Fitness, health, exercise, nutrition, fun learning and more!   
Coughlin Fitness and Results Learn how Personal Fitness training with Coughlin Fitness and Results can help you reach all your weight loss and exercise fitness program goals   
fitness connection online your online resource for fitness!   
Fitness Find Weight Training   
Fitness On Line Best in fitness information and services   
Food And Exercise Journal is a virtual training partner - here to help get you in shape. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or lose weight - we can help. Search our database of thousands of foods, track your calories burned through exercises, and record your miles on one of our "run across America" maps. We offer much more than just a exercise log. Whatever you aim to accomplish, Fitnovo is here to help you achieve it.   
Forever Young Health Club - Green Island, NY Our specialty is beginners! Latest equipment and you'll feel at home. Our members are the friendliest and most down to earth people you could meet. Being out of shape doesn't make you a bad person is the atmosphere of this health club   
Fitness and health products Home fitness exercise equipment, information and news.   
gymaddiction bodybuilding, fitness, exercises, supplements and muscles information. An online personal fitness program   
Joy through Movement T'ai Chi Instruction by Dale Buchanan. Consists of 19 movements and one pose to circulate and balance the CHI in our bodies   
koo self defense unique complete total body cardiovascular workout program for health, fitness, physical therapy, self defense, street fighting and martial arts training developed by Master Roger Koo   
Cardio Karaticise discover how you can get an intense workout without impact or strain on the joints.   
lean bodies customized personal training programs (located in NJ, USA)   
Total Fitness Bodybuilding Excellent resource for bodybuilding and fitness information   
leonard nutrition, supplements, weight loss tips and exercise machines. Top Quality Exercise Equipment, Bikes, Treadmills, and Home Gyms, for Bodybuilding, Weight Training, Yoga and much more gentle exercise and healing arts directory. bodybuilding is our religion bodybuilding directory with reviewed links to all kinds of related web resources. exercise   
24-Hour Fitness by My Fitness Planet State of the art software, build unlimited custom workouts based on your needs, goals, medical history, exercise history   
National Gym Association, Inc. The NGA certification course is a home study program for fitness professionals   
Personal Training & Nutrition Services Virginia-based fitness (personal training) and nutrition services company specializing in weight loss.   
Online Health Fitness Up to date weight loss information, fitness and nutrition, children's health, free e-cookbooks weight loss e-books and more. Internet's one-stop access point to health and fitness   
Breathing exercises Oxycise! are breathing exercises that will bring you permanent weight loss and improved health   
Pilates Exercises Guide Pilates Exercise Guide provides tips on pilates beginners and choosing your pilates instructor. Learn more about the theory and practice behind the extremely efficient exercise system known as Pilates   
Popular Fitness Online Fitness, Exercise and Nutrition Programs   
Fitness Jump Site Your connection to a lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and health   
Vitamins Prosource Performance Products   
RealBodySolutions - Real Results Created by stay-home mom who lost over 50 lbs. Program guarantees fast, easy, permament weight loss. Get strong and skinny at home, the fast and healthy way   
Steroids Message Board Largest Anabolic Steroids Website with huge online community. All about anabolic steroids, body building & Fitness Working out.   
P90X P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.   
Tae Bo And Its Origin Researches say that Tae Bo shows expected results in few weeks time only   
Total Body Fitness Specializing in designing personalized weight loss programs directly over the internet UK health clubs and gyms search   
Personal Trainer Locator Nationwide service to locate a personal trainer   
lose weight now check   
Exercise Equipment Offering high quality exercise equipment at direct from warehouse prices   
Web Aerobics Your global destination for aerobics   
women's exercise network find sports partners. co-ed.find exercise partners, advice, inspirational articles or women friendly gyms and supportive people. Fitness and exercise advice plus huge library of workout full graphic workout programs Excellent interactive site for planning your weekly workouts.   
Yoga Holidays Listing of yoga holidays all around the world   
Yoga exercises Guide to Yoga Poses, Yoga positions, Yoga exercises, Yoga asanas and meditation for beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts.   
Yoga Classes Videos Yoga with Les gives opportunity to connect or reconnect and reclaim your body and spirit through yoga. Classes all levels   

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