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Weight Loss Articles: Bogus Before/After Weight Loss Photos
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Gallery of Best of the Worst Before/After Weight Loss Pictures

I like satire and I like things that are ridiculous and one of my favorite subjects are the so called "before/after" shots you see in magazine advertisements. You know, the ones where the girl looks perfectly fine except she's standing with bad posture, maybe sticking her gut out and trying to look as horrible as possible. Five minutes later, they're taking the "after" shots, believe me so here I present the Gallery of Bogus Before After Weight Loss Pictures


Before/After Weight Loss Example No. 1
All Time Classic Best Bogus Picture!

Before/After Weight Loss Picture 

This is a classic before/after weight loss picture, so obviously phony it's almost fun to look at. Even the second photo wasn't taken at a flattering angle. In fact, it looks like it was taken 1942.


Before/After Weight Loss Example No. 2
Nothing Better Posture Can't Fix


Some have written to say some of these ladies are legitimate before/afters from contestants in the Body for Life program. Okay, fine. But they still look fine to begin, and frankly, some are obviously standing as to maximize the posture to accentuate the "before" so I'm not changing my opinion that these photos could have been taken on the same day.

I'm mostly horrified by No. 2's "before shot" because she looks perfectly fine! Great in fact. Before/After Weight Loss No. 2
She may be standing with bad posture to emphasize her stomach, but really? Would you not be happy with her "before" body? Who are they trying to kid? Frankly, I think this would depress me if I had to lose 50 pounds and they're showing her "before" as an example of what's wrong. Will we ever be good enough? Apparently not, according to these companies.


Before/After Weight Loss Example No. 3
A Size 8 Before? That's just sad.


Before After Weight Loss No. 7No. 3 claims to have gone from a horrifying size 8 to a size 2. Since when is a size 8 a "before?" You must be kidding. I've been perfectly happy being a size 8/10/12 so what's this? Maybe she only buys designer clothes? They always are sized differently so if you're a 12 at Walmart, you'd be a 2 in a St. Johns.


Before/After Weight Loss Example No. 4
Second Runner Up for "Same Day" Pictures 


Before After Weight Loss No. 5Before After Weight Loss No. 6Besides that the "before" girl looks great, this ad claims this is a 20 pound weight loss! Does this make anyone but me mad? Looks more like the difference after a bit too much pizza and beer on a Saturday night.


Before/After Weight Loss Example No. 5
Best Example of Same Day Photo


Before/After Weight Loss Picture No. 4There is no difference between these two photos except the "before" shot has bad lighting, no makeup, her hair wasn't done, and her bottoms are too small. Oh, and she's standing so her stomach is all hanging out. I can do that too. Note in the second pose she's got perfect posture, a suit that fits well, a nice brand new "spray on" tan, her hairs been curled and styled, she's got makeup and a nice smile. Viva la difference! Just don't be fooled. I do not see any weight loss here that I couldn't prove myself practically any day of the week with a set of photos.


Before/After Weight Loss Example No. 6
Best Worst Photo Manipulation


The caption for this ad said, "After Trying the Program, Linda Lost 42 lbs. In just 3 short weeks! Uh, huh. Sure. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Before After Weight Loss Picture No. 5This looks like a bad Photoshop enhancement by the obvious distortion in the "before" shot. If this model comes forward and proves it with other photos taken at or near the same time showing her big and bloated and then fit and tan, I'd love to see them.


Most People Would be Happy to Look Like These "Before" Shots

Except for No. 4 which looks "altered," these are nothing more than a poor attempt at deception. Sadly it works quite often as weight loss pills and supplements are a multi-billion dollar a year enterprise.

My main gripe with these photos isn't whether these woman lost any real weight, it's the way they portray the "before" shots as if they are examples of people who've just gone too far in letting themselves go, when in fact they are not. None of these women is overweight in the before shots, and certainly not obese. This is why so many people are dissatisfied no matter what they do because the media makes it appear you must be perfect to be acceptable.

I say, show me someone who's really overweight in the before shot and then I'll be impressed with the change. If you want to see some real before/after weight loss pictures, check out mine. You can't fake an 80 pound weight loss and a size 22 bathing suit.

If you agree this is BS, and a size 8 is not a "before" then vote with your pocketbook. Don't buy products that are advertised with phony testimonials.

If you see more examples, please send me copies or alert me because I'd love to add to the collection. And if you're one of these models, hey, I don't mean you any ill will, I just think you looked good to start, that's all. I'm all for losing extra weight but I'm also all for promoting a healthy body image and self esteem at the same time.

Read my weight loss articles - you'll find lots of ideas and suggestions there. Learn to use EFT. Get my Daily Bites where I give examples of using EFT for these issues, and take it one day at a time, one bite at a time.

You may not need to lose weight specifically, but if you have issues with food that you'd like to resolve, learn to use EFT and NLP methods. You can learn to remove your obstacles to feeling healthy and in charge of your own life. Look here to see if a Weight Loss Coach is right for you.

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